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Arts and Culture

The Department of Arts and Culture, City of Munich, Germany: Overall Project Management

The Department of Arts and Culture is part of the municipality of the City of Munich. As such, its mission is to be active in all cultural domains relevant to an urban environment. It fosters culture and the arts in Munich by designing and realizing cultural programmes with local, national and international partners as well as by supporting and funding cultural institutions, initiatives, artists and cultural players.

Although Munich has the public image of a traditional city with many established art institutions, it also has thriving, but less noticeable, young urban cultures scenes. The project „what's the deal?“ is meant to empower these scenes by giving them more visibility, but also to approach the project’s theme – sustainability – with artistic means. The Department of Arts and Culture will provide the overall management of „what's the deal?“ and organize the WTD Summit in 2015 where all artistic output generated in WTD will be presented, accompanied by skateshows, films, debates, exhibitions and street-acts.

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Kunstzentrat e.V., Munich, Germany: Skateboarding

Founded in 2003, Kunstzentrat e.V., an association focusing on (socio)-cultural activities and community-related projects, has strong links to the grassroots artists of the young urban culture scenes in Munich. Its long-term vision is to become a think tank on new and effective solutions for an urban society tackling current issues of urban life like the (temporary) use of public space, abandoned places in an urban city or sustainability. Within „what's the deal?“ Kunstzentrat will concentrate on the (re)claim of urban wasteland from the perspective of the skateboarder scenes and will offer the young creatives a platform to exchange and present their work both on local and on international level. Theme-related art intervention workshops will result in a modular, mobile, skateable, nomadic sculpture made from recycled materials as well as in the exhibition „From Space to Place to Utopia“ as an artistic vision on unused public areas.

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Kino Šiška

Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Mural Art and Urban DIY

Kino Šiška, a Centre for Urban Culture, was founded by the municipality of Ljubljana to bring contemporary urban cultural trends into the city. Formerly used as a cinema, it was completely redesigned and now serves as a venue for contemporary and urban art where local as well as international artists perform. In „what's the deal?“ Kino Šiška will follow two strands of actions: a. Mural Art: (re)claiming vertical public space for artistic expression and b. Urban DIY: exploring segments of young urban scenes that cherish a DIY-approach and implementing workshops and events for building, repairing and designing self-powered means of transportation such as bicycles or skates.

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Lokaalmondiaal/coolpolitics, Amsterdam/Arnhem, Netherlands: Design

Lokaalmondiaal is a non-profit foundation that - with its Coolpolitics programme - aims to stimulate young people to actively and equally participate in social and political discourse as well as decision-making processes that form their life, their society and their future. It distinguishes itself by engaging with youth at venues and locations where they are already active. Coolpolitics creatively fuses youth culture, art and science into authentic projects with high attention value and sees its mission to create a global civil society for youth. In the project „what's the deal?“, Coolpolitics will organize a series of activities around sustainable (fashion, sound, graphic & industrial) design. With theme-related workshops, lectures, exhibitions and reports they will feed into the discourse of the project.

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Schmiede Hallein

Schmiede Hallein, Austria: Digital Media

Schmiede Hallein is a non-profit initiative for the advancement of digital culture and an annual festival for producers. Each year, the former saline premises become an experimental field for around 200+ international digital creatives and artists to produce their own projects and/or to collaborate within the Schmiede network. Throughout the year, the community stays in active contact via the web. In the context of „what's the deal?“ Schmiede Hallein will work with the dynamics and possibilities of digital media as a fundamental part of young urban scenes and provide an open platform for new sustainable forms of transnational collaboration and exchange processes.

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Associate Partners and Sponsors

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