Future strategies for a sustainable self at Amsterdam

21.06.2015 / Coolpolitics, Netherlands

Coolpolitics will wrap up their series of Art Interventions for the What’s the Deal project with a special Talk at the Mag het Licht Aan Festival (May the lights go on-festival) at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam on the longest day of the year. At the new yearly summer festival with eye-opening and mind-blowing philosophy, theatre, art and music we will host a special session about ‘the personal dilemmas of a sustainable life.’ Together with our host Pieter van der Wielen and our guests Tom van de Beek (I Love Beeing), Nynke Schaaf (Wij, Kantelaars) and Willa Stoutenbeek (W.Green) we will explore smart strategies for conscious living. From little examples, such as: What does your stuff say about you in a time where sharing will decide your status? When we should all own less, what should I do with all the nice things I have collected throughout the years? and What do you give someone who already has everything she needs? we cross over to the big issues in modern day life. To kick-off the talk, we are looking for your personal, daily dilemma’s when it comes to sustainable and conscious living. To contribute, visit our facebook: For more info about the festival, check

Skateboarding, Arts and Culture in Munich

20.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

The closing day of the festival on June 20 is dedicated to skateboarding. The Nomadic Sculpture will be ready for the last time to be rode on. A skateworkshop will introduce newcomers to the sport followed by an open skatesession for everyone. A debate on the possibility of having temporary D.I.Y. skateparks in Munich will hopefully generate a lively discussion, before the festival „moving urban cultures“ will end with partying and music!

New.Design.Culture in Munich

19.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

Sustainablity is not only something we can eat or hear about, it needs to be something to be worn too! The ninth festival day is focusing on design and its potential to reach into new fields. There will be a workshop about the connection between design and compassion and several talks / lectures about the link between design and sustainability. The program of the evening will be a fashion performance combined with a food happening ending with music by Djane YAYOLOUSIE from Ljubljana.

velocity in Munich

14.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

On Saturday, June 14, everything is about bikes: cargo bikes, city bikes, racing bikes - all of them can be tried out by the audience. A parcour will be set up where instructors will answer questions: how to use bikes, fix them or simply have fun with them. A "repair café" will be launched where the newly designed Repair Bike Box from Ljubljana can be tested out for its functionality. Families are more than welcome!

Panama Plus 2015 in Munich

13.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

A very diverse program around the subject „sustainability in culture“ will be provided on June 13 beginning in the afternoon until (very) late at night: interesting talks, performances, a shortmovie cinema and workshops surrounded by live music and DJs. More details will be revealed in bits and pieces on

From Space to Place to Utopia in Munich

12.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

June 12 is dedicated to debates around sustainability and the use of public space by different user communities. Guests from Ljubljana and Bordeaux are invited to discuss with experts from Munich on how to reclaim public space and how to foster creativity in urban open space.

what´s the deal - moving urban cultures at Munich

11.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

This summer our WTD-project is coming to an end, but not without a big final event in June in the Kreativquartier, Dachauerstraße. During these ten days - from June 11 to 20 - the results of the whole process will be presented to the public through exhibitions, workshops and discussions - of course not without music and a great party. More information will be available soon.

Opening of the festival what´s the deal - moving urban cultures in Munich

11.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

The festival „what's the deal? - moving urban cultures“ - the final event of the WTD project - will be opened on June 11, 2015 in Munich at the Kreativquartier, Dachauerstrasse. It will start with a skateworkshop, performances, talks and guided tours through the exhibition rooms and will end with live music.

WTD Exhibition in Munich

11.06.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

During the whole period of the festival, i.e. from June 11 – 20, an exhibition will present all the artwork developed in and for the WTD project: from „From Space to Place to Utopia“ to the WTD Lab and to the results of the Art Intervention for designers.

Mural Arts Residency at Ljubljana

17.02.2015 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

For the second call of the Mural Arts Residency in Ljubljana within the WTD, we have received an even bigger amount of applications and the selection process was much harder. After a multiple-round selection process, Miron Mili? (1980) was selected. His works are distinctly realistic, his ability to animate the depicted topic sometimes seeming quite unbelievable, bordering on the abstract. Viewers often get the impression of being positioned in the immediate presence of the living representations.

Art Intervention "How to change the world?" at Amsterdam

16.02.2015 / Coolpolitics, Netherlands

From 16. - 20. February a group of fourteen designers and artists came together in an Amsterdam canal house to learn and discuss about themes such as economy, design, compassion, biomimicry, reuse, toxicology and philosophy to approach the idea of sustainability from very different angles.

Leo & Björn: Do I Need To Go There? (Revisited) at Ljubljana

10.02.2015 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

The Munich-based Leo & Björn work together since 2007. At their exhibition, Leo & Björn continue an exploration they have started in their previous Munich show, by diving deeper into the question, what the physical exhibition of artwork means. In Munich they decided not to work with or showcase in a wooden wireframe-house. Instead, they built a virtual 3D-house and made an isometric drawing of it. In Ljubljana, Leo & Björn scrutinize the possibilities of this kind of spatiotemporal setup, creating an experience impossible to achieve in a solely virtual representation of art. This time, not by refusing to work with a physical house and replacing it with a virtual one, but by means of working in a real building (Kino Šiška) and by adding additional (virtual) layers to it.

Finissage – Nomadic Sculpture Episode IV: Moving Underground

10.01.2015 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

Episode IV of the Nomadic Sculpture will finish with a finissage on January 10, 2015. The Design Concept Store will present sustainable products of Munich designers and the art work of the Creative Lab artists for the last time at the MaximiliansForum. Junior skaters as well as experts will show their tricks on and at the Nomadic Sculpture while interactive projections will be mapped on its frame. Lisa Simpson will do her sewing-and-music performance “Fashion Orchestra”, before the DJ Walter Wolff takes over and lets the event transform into a party.

The Open Door meets the Nomadic Sculpture

06.12.2014 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

As part of the event “Nomadic Sculpture Episode IV: Moving Underground” the Munich based collective of creative minds “The Open Door” will organise a temporary exhibition in the MaximiliansForum. The Open Door will present art work from artists coming from or linked strongly to the skateboarding scene and demonstrate its vision of skateboarding as culture. The skater community will get the opportunity to again skate the ‘Nomadic Sculpture’ while an interactive projection is mapped on it. The Haeppi Pieces Design Concept Store 'Going local’ with its special guests Lisa Simpson, Onur Cerito?lu, Collective GUMB and Mac Krebernik will open its door as well.

Smith Biographies and Network's Contribution

26.11.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Schmiede is a network of people strongly engaged in various fields of arts, design, technology and performance with various professional competences. Members get together for intense experimentation for two weeks per year. Cooperations, network-activity and mutual support go on during the year through digital communication. Non-hierarchic knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary exchange plays a constituting role for Schmiede. Translocal communities of interest have gained importance as places of individual and collective resources for professional development. The talk discusses results of a research project about the sustainability of the semi-digital network for artist’s biographies. The research is embedded in international EU-Project “What’s the deal” about young urban cultures and sustainability.

Nomadic Sculpture - Episode IV at MaximiliansForum

22.11.2014 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

22/11/14 – 10/01/15: On Saturday, the 22th September, our 'Nomadic Sculpture' will be presented in a brand new shape and will stay for seven weeks at the MaximiliansForum in Munich. Like the episodes before this skateable sculpture is being adapted by our WTD team to the respective surroundings. At the MaximiliansForum the challenge for the skateboarding community will be to test its new functionality and to redesign the sculpture later in a creative process. This artwork will be complemented by a temporary Design Concept Store for local and sustainable products as well as by a cultural program.

Vernissage – Nomadic Sculpture Episode IV: Moving Underground

22.11.2014 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

At the opening of the fourth episode starting at 4 pm at the MaximiliansForum, our 'Nomadic Sculpture' will hopefully stand again in the center of interest. While the skateboarding community is going to perform a special show, an interactive projection is mapped on the skateable sculpture to the music selected by DJ Larry Frenoga. The design concept store ‘Going Local’ will present sustainable products of Munich designers, but also display the artwork created specifically for WTD by the international artists taking part in the Creative Lab at Villa Waldberta. A live concert by the Munich rapper 'Roger Rekless' will round off the vernissage.


10.11.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

10.11.2014 at 16:00 // Katedrala “Had Rezka had a bike, she would have overtaken the damn cart,” as well as the all tractors and carts driven on the slopes between Resia and Austria. Now that the leaves that offered us shade and shelter are being coloured in autumn, and that fog has engulfed the plateaus that we cycled over, we wish to share our experience, swearwords and pain, and each and every mile of our journey. The summer of endless turns, wet raincoats and shaky macadam roads. The summer of four lands, four organisations, one friendship and a shared desire: to overcome the next hill and look into the distance between Austria and Resia, all the way to Istria. To new hills. Travel lectures covering four destinations and paths, screenings of films and photos, as well as presentations of bikes, experience and the stories that we rode together and each of us for themselves, for you.

WTD - Coordination Meeting Amsterdam

22.10.2014 / Coolpolitics, Netherlands

October 22+23, 2014

Creative Lab at Villa Waldberta at Munich

03.10.2014 / Kulturreferat München, Germany

03. 10. - 28.12.2014 Villa Waldberta, the international artist residence of the City of Munich, Germany, will mutate for three months into a “Creative Lab” as part of “What's the deal?”(WTD). The house will host international artists and designers who have been selected in an open call and who will produce art work related to WTD's theme: sustainability and young urban cultures. The results will be shown at the final WTD event in June 2015.

Biking Caravan arrives in Munich - Bikes & Upcycling

22.09.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V., Germany

The Muslauf team representing Ljubljana's vibrant scene of urban bikers will try out their newly designed and built trikes during Schmiede14 on their way from Hallein/Salzburg to Munich. They will be joined by other bike enthusiasts and they want to make it to Munich within 2 days so that they will arrive on September 22 evening - in time to be hosts of a get-together at Import Export Kantine where it will all be about DiY, bikes and upcycling.

Schmiede Werkschau at Hallein

20.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Vergabe Salzburger Landespreis 2014: Medienkunst und Smith Präsentationen

Meeting for Projection Mapping @ WTD / Max Forum at Schmiede Hallein

15.09.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V., Germany

What's the idea? The "Nomadic Sculpture" will not only serve as an obstacle for skateboarders. One idea is to use its surface for projection mapping. Which could work in 2 ways: - a "classic" mapping, using the geometric shape (which is to be developed in collaboration under artist Philip Metz) as static surface; - a "dynamic" mapping in which the movement and the tricks performed by the skateboarders is used to trigger the projections (possible? using kinect or similar tools). To develop this projection mapping we need your help! Would that be a workshop or project for Schmiede 2014? Is there anyone who is able to program projection mappings, and willing to help us?

Meet WTD at Schmiede Hallein

15.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

in an effort to use all possible synergies available, all people somehow connected to our EU-Project "What's the deal?"(alias WTD) and participating at Schmiede14 should go ahead during Schmiede and make contacts to each other. Maybe you will find new possibilities, new ideas for collaborative projects. Hertha will be at Schmiede on Monday afternoon (Sept 15: from noon to evening) and would like to meet all of you: to say hello, to answer questions, to tell you about WTD and our plans, and to learn more about your projects and ideas.

E-Textile WORKSHOP: Meet The Materials

13.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

This workshop is about introducing range of electronic textile materials, its properties and characteristics to get familiarized with and understand how it can be used as a part of sensors, actuators and circuits. These materials will be available at the E-Textile Live Lab during the Schmiede to be used in projects. Following the introduction, we will hold a small prototyping session to introduce tools and processes we use in our works. This workshop is really more of an introductory session in which we will introduce the range of electronic textile materials, tools and processes we use in our work and which will be available in the E-Textile Live Lab during the Schmiede. Following the introduction we hope to have an open discussion and prototyping session in which the materials are used to throw around ideas. Materials, tools and processes featured in the workshop will include: conductive threads, fabrics, yarns, materials for making stretch, bend, pressure, squeeze sensors, wireless solutions, power solutions, analog to digital conversion boards…

SchmiedeTALK: Electronic Textiles Here and Now

12.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Presenters: Hannah Perner-Wilson & Mika Satomi, Maurin, Jimmy Hertz & Marcela Rozo and more Members of the Lab will present their work in “Pecha-Kucha” style: rapid succession slide show of their projects. Short questions and answers session will follow at the end. The presentations will give an insight into individual members of the lab, as well as an overview of things happening within the field of electronic+textiles+performance today.

Schmiede14: SelfAssembling at Hallein

11.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Every year an abandoned industrial salt refinery on an island in Hallein, Austria opens up to around 300 Smiths and their ideas. We physically gather in order to get inspired, network, create, present and share. Schmiede provides a basic cooperative prototyping environment and an infrastructure full of impulses and passionate people.

Nomadic Sculpture at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Munich – Episode III: Positive Fashion and Skateboarding

11.09.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V., Germany

11. 09. - 13.09.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V. and Kulturreferat München, Germany On Thursday, the 11th September, our Nomadic Sculpture is going to be rebuilt on Willy-Brandt-Platz in Munich. After the episodes at Max-Josephs-Platz and Candidplatz, both urban spots selected together with the local skater community, the sculpture is again given a new shape to fit to the environment. We want to know, how young people create or transform public space, when they enter, pass, paint or shape it? Is it art? Politics? Or both?

PRESSEKONFERENZ Schmiede14 at Hallein

04.09.2014 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Schmiede14: SelfASSEMBLING 12. MedienKulturFestival in Hallein Wann: Donnerstag, 4. September, 11.00 Ihre Gesprächspartner: Eveline Sampl-Schiestl - Stadt Hallein, Ressort Kultur Alexandra Hosp – Tourismusverband Hallein Rüdiger Wassibauer – Schmiede Hallein Beda Percht - Schmiede Hallein, Akademie Kerstin Klimmer – Schmiede Hallein, Schnittstelle Hertha Pietsch-Zuber - Whats the deal, Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München Thomas Grundnigg - Busek-Preis, FH Salzburg Christian Riedlsperger - HappyLab Die Themen: > Schmiede14: SelfASSEMBLING > Öffentliche Programmpunkte


02.07.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

Pallo Ollap is the artist-in-residence who has been selected at a public call for Kino Šiška's Mural Arts Residency 2014. Pallo is a student at Aalto University, Helsinki and he works in illustration and painting, mostly for fun, but occasionally also to make a living. For more than a decade, he has been active in street art; his murals can be admired on the streets of several Finnish towns and cities. During his stay in Ljubljana the artist create a unique mural in the Ljubljana city centre.

Nomadic Sculpture at Candidplatz in Munich - Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules

26.06.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V., Germany

26. 06. - 29.06.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V. and Kulturreferat München, Germany The Nomadic Sculpture moves to the next level: While Episode I at Max-Joseph-Platz in April 2014 as the Munich kick-off event to WTD focused on interviewing passers-by about their opinions on and wishes for public spaces, Episode II from June 26 - 29 at Candidplatz will now present the Nomadic Sculpture in reality. Since Episode I the Munich WTD team together with the artistic director of the Nomadic Sculpture, the visual artist Philip Metz from Berlin, have been working on the fabrication of the first modules. They are now due to be tested for skateability during Episode II and will be presented to the public for the first time. A cultural programme will round up the event.


13.06.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

June 13 and 14, 2014 // A creative workshop belonging to the Re:cycle series The two-day workshop will be dedicated to making furniture of various sizes from scrap cardboard. The first day we will be drawing precise designs (measures will be adapted for each particular piece of furniture to make it fit our home arrangements) and preparing the materials. The second day we will be gluing cardboard parts together, composing and varnishing them, as well as decorating them with collage patchworks and paints to match the needs of our flats.The workshops will be run by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobi? (GUMB Association). Number of participants: up to 15. Apply to:


09.05.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

May 9 and 10, 2014, Ljubljana A creative workshop belonging to the Re:cycle series A two-day workshop will be dedicated to cutting, sewing, gluing, binding, stapling and painting on worn-out bicycle tubes. Our final products will be laptop bags and small bicycle bags (with zips and pockets), purses and pencil cases, cushions and unique jewellery. The workshop will be run by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobi? (GUMB Association). Number of participants: up to 15. Apply to:

Nomadic Sculpture at Max-Joseph-Platz at Munich

10.04.2014 / Kunstzentrat e.V., Germany

The WTD team in Munich together with Philip Metz, a visual artists from Berlin, will build a mobile, but not “branded”, skateable modular sculpture made out of recycled material. The sculpture will travel to 4 – 5 dfferent locations in public space during the summer thus creating debate on the use of public space by young urban scenes. During the „nomadic hike“, the sculpture will be developed further and customized to its environment. The first event will take place at Max-Joseph-Platz where an information and enquiry desk will be set up. Passers-by will be asked about their opinion on the use of this particular place. Three question marks (part of the project's title and a symbol of the project) will placed on some delicate spots.


04.04.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

A creative workshop belonging to the Re:cycle series The first day we will be making molds for our new pendant sculptures using wire and scrap plastic, and cover them with colourful cellulose mixtures made of waste paper and cardboard. The second day, when the cellulose mixtures are dry, we will be printing on and varnishing the exterior of chandeliers, as well as decorating their interior with shades of colour to provide the light with a special glow. The workshop will be run by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobi? (GUMB Association). Number of participants: up to 15. Apply to:

WTD - Coordination meeting at Ljubljana

02.04.2014 / Kino Šiška, Slovenia

April 2+3 2014

Schmiede Werkschau at Hallein

28.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

The Werkschau is the final event of the Schmiede where the results produced will be shown to the wide public. It will also provide another opportunity for the WTD project to go public with its planned activities and ideas.

Wastecooking SchmiedeTalk and Performance at Hallein

25.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

Wastecooking is a performance collective of filmmakers, chefs, garbage divers and musicians. Wastecooking provides an interface between art, activism and active social policy + criticism. David Gross, founder and symbol waste-art director presented the project: “We are a cooking show. We cook with food that has been thrown away. Jamie Oliver goes in the morning to the supermarket and buys the food fresh, we go behind the supermarkets in the evening, dive into the garbage and also bring out fresh food.”

WTD Kick Off Meeting at Hallein

24.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

After having worked on the project concept of „what's the deal?“ for months before the official project start in August 2013, the project coordinators and drivers of the project needed to meet in order to get the project succesfully on its way. The project concept needed to become more developed and operationalized. The content to be delivered needed further discussions. And the next steps to take had to be agreed upon.

WTD Researcher Meeting at Hallein

24.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

While the project coordinators met and started the detailed planning of the project, the researcher team (one researcher per partner) came together to develop their approach on the mapping of the young urban scenes. They will create narrative reports on their findings working along umbrella questions.

"What's the Deal?" SchmiedeTalk at Hallein

24.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

The WTD EU team takes the opportunity to present the project to the Schmiede community for discussion, feedback and reflection, but also to start to disseminate the project's idea.

Schmiede13: RETURN at Hallein

19.09.2013 / Schmiede Hallein, Austria

This year's edition of Schmiede hosted the start of the cultural EU project „what's the deal?“(WTD). The title Schmiede13: RETURN suited nicely to WTD's theme about sustainability and young urban cultures. Schmiede13 programme: Issuu and a film that explains what Schmiede is about: