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20. May 2015

Skateboarding, Arts and Culture, June 20 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The last day of the festival will be all about skateboarding includig Skatesessions, Skateworkshops and Talks.


One of the highlights will be the inauguration of the Nomadic Sculpture:

The Nomadic Sculpture is an object in public space that was developed in five phases. The aim was to create a sculpture that can serve multiple purposes – an expectation that would be hard to fulfill, especially for an object of art, which per definition is not an object created with the purpose of being used. The Nomadic Sculpture is built of reused material, variable in shape and can therefore adapt to each site which makes it suitable for skateboards.

Nomadic Sculpture - Episode II_2_klein

But that’s not all: watch Videos of D.I.Y. Skatepark-projects in the WTD-Container or participate in a talk about Skateparks in Munich.

If you’re a Skater yourself, show your skills and tricks in a special surrounding during a Night-Skatesession. Or just enjoy a great Live-Concert with Faauna and a DJ Set of Caroline v. Monaco & Prügelprinz Ernst August.


New.Design.Culture, June 19 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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Design and sustainability is the motto of Friday, June 19. A group of international designers and artists from various backgrounds have approached the idea of sustainability – the practical as well as the conceptual side and will represent their ideas and works during this interesting and exciting day.

Starting with a workshop about Design & Compassion with Sasa Kerkos and Sebastian Cavazza you will gain insights from socio-political movements, global economy and the idea of creating from your personal ideals for a better world.

BA 4

What would the world look like without a manual? This is the topic of the following discussion of Denis Oudendijk, who calls himself a Waste architect, and will surely give some mind-blowing impulses.

The day continues with another highlight: The exhibition of the Art Intervention Amsterdam who is dedicated to the main topic “How to change the world as a designer”. Fashion performances about Fair Fashion Food, a Dinner Happening and a Live-Concert of Gurdan Thomas as well as a DJ Set of YAYOILOUISE from Ljubljana are the perfect end of a productive and interesting day.

Velocity, June 14 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The most sustainable way to carry yourself from one place to another, without taking hours, is surely by bike. Sunday, June 14, will be dedicated to bycicles that have been around for almost two hundred years but are still as useful and popular as ever!


During this day, you will encounter many new and innovative models that you might not have known about yet. The first ones to introduce themselves will be cargo bikes, proving that there is no need for a car, even if you have to transport heavy objects. As it is still possible for little breakdowns to occur, the Repair Bike Box from Ljubljana is ready to show you some tricks to bring your bike on the road again.


It is against the nature of bikes to stand fixedly in one spot, so a BMX Show will let you experience what they are capable of when pushed to their limits and used in the realm of art and artistry.

In the afternoon racing bikes will prove that bikes are not only for transporting oneself or objects, they can be really really fast too. Needless to say that we can not dismiss you without some music, this time by the progressive rock trio Mother´s Cake from Austria.

18. May 2015

PanamaPlus 2015, June 13 // What’s the deal – moving urban cultures

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PanamaPlus is an interdisciplinary subculture festival on the theme of cultural sustainability and on saturday, June 13, this great festival will be part of “Moving urban cultures”.

There will be lots of talks and debates focussing on social concerns, including subculture, internet-narcissism and games. Moreover there will be some presentations of innovative ideas and initiatives like Wastecooking or EE Music:

David Gross from Austria didn’t want to accept longer the madness of throwing away tons of food and will introduce his idea of sustainable cooking. EE Music as well is aiming to make our world more sustainable, but – as the name suggests – it is all about our beloved tunes on concerts and festivals.

Spoken word performances from the Rationalversammlung about gender, poetry and sexism might make you rethink your values and “Update.jung &erwachsen” gives you the chance to participate in workshops about media. Visual poetry, video installations, a beatbattle and short movie cinema will make you experience art with all your senses.

The day will end with live concerts of Retrogott & HulkHodn, Akere, Manel Rodriguez and DJ Sets from MunichOpenMinded, Walter Wolff and Damnitdisco.

From Space to Place to Utopia, June 12 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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Have you ever passed a deserted public space or a big dirty wall in your city and imagined it to be transformed in something fun, exciting, and beautiful for everyone, instead of being abandoned and unused? On June 12, many artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector will be discussing exactly this topic.


Beginning at 6pm, the first talk will be about spaces that are currently occupied by companies for their advertisements. Do they really need to promote their products in every possible corner? Isn’t it more desirable to be exposed to art, instead of commercial billboards? How can we reclaim walls to create an artistic and creative surrounding to live in? This surely will be fertile ground for a heated and productive debate about our urban landscapes and visions of their possible futures.


With this gained momentum the discussion goes into the second round and proposes further ideas from Ljubljana, Bordeaux and Munich. Both talks will be held in english!

To let off some steam or simply to relax a bit after that serious plotting to change the world (or at least some cities) you may want to come around for DJ Discoteca Salsoul and the DJs Watusi and Milton Flores!

16. May 2015

Opening Day June 11, 15 – What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The long preparation time will be over on June 11 , when what´s the deal final event „moving urban cultures“ will be started as a diverse festival at the Import Export Kantine in the Kreativquartier in Munich.

▶ 15.00 –18.00 h
WTD-Skateworkshop with Albertross & friends

The day will begin with a beginner’s workshop for anyone who would like to try out skateboarding.


▶ 18.00 h
Opening of the festival and the exhibition by
Dr Hans-Georg Küppers, Director of the Department of Arts
and Culture, City of Munich

After leaving the workshop with a proud smile and new skills, one can take a seat and rest while listening to the opening speech by Dr Hans-Georg Küppers, the Director of the Department of Arts and Culture.

▶ 18.30 h
Schmiede – Sustainable Creativity
Talk by Rüdiger Wassibauer, Schmiede Hallein

Rüdiger rom our project partner Schmiede Hallein in Austria will later explain how creativity and sustainability at the Schmiede festival is firmly interwoven.

▶ From 19.00 h onwards
Guided tours through the exhibition and artist talks


Meanwhile, the space in front of the Import Export Kantine will hopefully be filled with visitors eager to find out about the artworks presented in the exhibition rooms. We will provide guided tours by our team in order to pass on the ideas and stories connected with the creation of the art work, but als to talk about what has happened during the last two years in the WTD project. It will also be a chance to get into easy conversations with the artists who will be around for the opening. The guided tours will not only lead through the exhibitions rooms but also show the area around the Import Export Kantine, as the Nomadic Sculpture, one of the major project activities in Munich is being set up again in the courtyard together with the crazy designed trikes from Ljubljana.

▶ 19.00 – 20.30 h
We are Utopia!
Performance by Class Ingold, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

 In between, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich will do a live performance of the installation they have created for the exhibition.


▶ 21.00 h
THE SINGER – Opus in the Chord
Performance by Lisa Simpson (Berlin) and
Stephanie Müller (Munich)
with Gülcan Turna and Klaus Erich Dietl (both from Munich)

Before music with HopStopBanda and DJ Nemo.and informal talks with the artists will end the day, another performance – this one by Lisa Simpson and Stephanie Müller combining sewing with music and art – will entertain the audience.


6. May 2015

WTD Final Event program out now

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Finally we can show you the program of the festival in June,  so take a look and prepare yourself for the big event!

Click on the Flyer to the left, to read it in English. The German version is the one to the right.


WTD_FLYER_ENG              WTD_Flyer


22. April 2015

FINAL EVENT “what´s the deal? – moving urban cultures”

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We are getting closer and closer to the date of our final event! From June 11-20,  the Kreativquartier in Munich invites you to join the festival “what´s the deal? – moving urban cultures”, the closing event of the WTD project.

Each day will be dedicated to a special topic where a manifold program will be prepared, all dealing with sustainability and urban cultures.

Nomadic Sculpture - Candidplatz

While the Opening Day, June 11, will contain the vernissage of the exhibitions, a skateworkshop and performances,  June 12 will offer discussions about reclaiming and using public urban space.

June 13 will be kind of a huge grab bag filled with further thought-provoking talks and presentations, videos and shortmovies, poetry, live concerts and many more.

June 14, on the other hand, will be all about bikes – what kind of creative bycicles are swerving on the surface of our planet beyond the traditional types? How can you repair them? Can the riding of a bike be sport and art at the same time? If you want to find out, this is your day.

The following Friday, June 19, is dedicated to design. A workshop will let you learn about the connection between design and compassion. Designers from various places in Europe will discuss their role as responsible cocreators of commodities and  in the evening a fashion perfomance awaits you that brings even food into play. Can you imagine anything better?

Our last day, June 20, will deal with the prominent Munich WTD-theme: the popular subculture of skateboarding. The Nomadic Sculpture will be ready again for the tricks of  skateboarders and bikers. Kids can learn in a workshop how to skate on a board, while videos about famous D.i.Y skateparks around the world will be shown in the WTD container.  It will be followed by a discussion between representatives of the city and the Munich skateboarder scene on how D.I.Y. skateparks could fit to Munich’s Skateparkcity image.

But no worries, there is no void on days without a program! Except for Monday you can still enjoy many intriguing artworks and installations at our exhibitons. A WTD-infocenter is ready to answer all your questions about the background and results of the WTD project –  on screen, on paper and face-to-face. And on top of this bands and DJs like HopStopBanda, Retrogott & HulkHodn and DJ Salsoul with DJ Watusi and Milton Flores will provide you with music almost every evening.

More info will be posted soon.


1. October 2014


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What’s the Deal and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Ljubljana, Slovenia) are pleased to announce its mural arts initiative. The mural arts residency is offered to artists who want to develop and present their work addressing the theme of consumption and sustainability.

The residency offers a three-week stay in Ljubljana. Artist-in-residence will receive a fee of 1000 EUR net. It will take place for three weeks in the February 2015 – March 2015 period. The final dates will be set in an agreement between Kino Šiška and the selected artist. There is a budget for materials and services for realizing the work. Travel costs to and from Ljubljana will also be taken care of.

Participants must be EU residents or residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Former Yugoslav republics or Turkey. Artis from Slovenia will not be accepted.

Younger artists (under 35) will receive a more favourable treatment. Inclusive approaches that would involve an active role of local (Ljubljana’s) artists, designers or other practitioners in development and/or realization of the project are also preferred.

Deadline: November 17, 2014

For more details and technicalites on how to apply, please refer to this link.

8. September 2014

How does it feel to be a Nomadic Sculpturer?

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WTD Nomadic Sculpture Episode II – Candidplatz 2014 from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.

Well i never used quotes to begin a blogpost but i needed a new way of beginning to motivate myself. So i went on an average american website which assembles famous quotes and i found this one which gave me the motivation i was longing for:

It’s from Margaret Mead, who has been an american cultural antropologist back in the 60’ies and 70’ies. It’s been told that her investigations over the sexual behaviour of local cultures in the south pacific were kind of a firestarter for the sexual revolutions in those days. Now here’s the quote of this important scientologist, which moved me:

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.

This quote straightened me up. It’s so true and everyone for shure knows this – wether you believe it or not: in the deepest part of our human consciousnes we know this! It were always the few curagious people who changed things. Sometimes it were maniacs who once leaded (or still lead) a change also in a very cruesome and unhuman way, but it always were a few.

When you accomplish such a project, you are confronted with many interesting reactions. In this neoliberal phase of human history you are confronted with a lot of sceptic critics, immediately when you get active to implement a new idea that bases on “sustainability”. a lot of people mention, that no one can hear this word anymore. I think it is because there is no place in here for a authentic idealistic thought. Idealistic thoughts are used for representative purposes. If this is not your priority you will get funny reactions. You know why? Because you mean it! And if you mean it then you will be willing to change the priorities of this society. What is the priority of this society? The moment i ask this question the reader has it already in mind so i don’t even have to spell it. You see?

If you are serious with your idealistic thoughts you become a dangerous element for all those who just are content with complaining about this crazy world and with claiming that they can’t understand why it is so. But in the meantime most of us accept the defaults which are given by this postmodern society and feel the duty to accord to them everday. For example: accepting money as a undispensible element of our daily life and obey the rules which i have to accept if i want to achieve a moneybased wealthy life. So we all have to accept that we all are part of global destruction.

The European Union which gives us the support to accomplish this wonderful project for example is based on an economical system which accords strictly to the rules of a global money market. And Europe is a wealthy continent. So it is kind of normal that a lot of europeans would not even think about changing this system. Why should we? We live in a region where most inhabitants of this world would love to live! Thousands and thousands of people risk their lives to reach this peace of earth, where the fundamentals where drawn for the success of a harsh economical system which is known as material based. But if you look at the developement of the global markets you soon will realize that it looses any logical and resumable connection to reality and so on and so on… i don’t want to bore you with this issue. Tehre is enough Literature you can read about this (for example Noam Chomsky: “Profit over People, Neoliberalism and Global Order”, Seven Stories Press, New York 1999).

You may ask now (and this is a question i read in the eyes of a lot sceptics the last days): what is your purpose with a Nomadic Sculpture then? What do you try to say whith this?  I answered this question a lot of times and it takes a lot of time to go through it because every answer awakens new questions. The questions go stakkato like a machine gun. And your answers go so too. Some say: if you have to explain it so long this project is not well prepared!

But after a lot of questioning i realized that it is impossible to explain this project with a few words. You know why? Because it doesn’t work like an advertising clip. Because it is working completely diverse to postmodern marketing strategies and marketing behaviours. It is based on complete different priorities than the ones we are used to from the very beginning of our lives. We are grown in a material world in which most of us are born as a customer who will work hard to achive  a pseudomaterial standardized exchange medium which we all call money. And with this money (which mostly contains of 0’s and 1’s on a digital bank account) we will make our living. It needs a fundamental change of my long-term-trained peronal values to accept this project not only as a funny kids game but to accept it as a project that could be a small part of a soft reformation which can work on a long term to really change the small-term values we all are forced to live in.

That’s the moment it get’s funny though. And that’s why we do this! We want to have fun for the achievement of which we don’t have finance huge redundant ecosystems! We want to see the urban landscape from different angles. We want to investigate our urban and social environment.

Depending on my cultural background, my age, my social background i could have various desires. As a kid grown up in a postmodern urban society i could have the desire to be dressed real cool, to own one or more skateboards, listen to indie music and go skateboarding with my friends. This could define my identity.

If sometime in the future a young kid in the well developed western world can do all these things without thinking primarily about money, then we can say that the Nomadic Sculpture has reached it’s goal. Kids in other parts of the world “can not even think about money” because their parents never had money. They have to improvise with the waste around them and build their toys out of it. That’s why it’s strange when you have all opportunities but you although built a skateable sculpture out of orban trash. Now that’s the reason why our sculpture looks a bis displaced – just a strange piece of art placed on wasted urban space which enables a lot of fun and produces question marks in the minds and the hearts of the people.

Above you saw the video clip that our friend Mehmet Birinci has made during our Episode II on Candidplatz in Munich from 26’th to 29’th of june. We had the pleasure to welcome Almir Jusovic from Slovenia as a artist in residency who represents a group of skateboard artists who try to go new ways in riding a skateboard. Almir is also a sculptor and producer of creative objects made out of waste material.

Candidplatz is a rather undifined place containing a basketball court and a skatepark. The least is nearly unusable due to the bad conditions of the ground. This place is mostly used by the inhabitants of the area in order to pass throug on the way to the nearby metro station. We changed the athmosphere of this urban wasteland for a few days but it was too short. “Such things should happen more often here” was a quote we heared often from passers by.

The next event will happen at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Messestadt Riem – downhome Munich from 11’th to 13’th of september:


Tuncay Acar (Munich WTD)


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