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20. May 2015

Velocity, June 14 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The most sustainable way to carry yourself from one place to another, without taking hours, is surely by bike. Sunday, June 14, will be dedicated to bycicles that have been around for almost two hundred years but are still as useful and popular as ever!


During this day, you will encounter many new and innovative models that you might not have known about yet. The first ones to introduce themselves will be cargo bikes, proving that there is no need for a car, even if you have to transport heavy objects. As it is still possible for little breakdowns to occur, the Repair Bike Box from Ljubljana is ready to show you some tricks to bring your bike on the road again.


It is against the nature of bikes to stand fixedly in one spot, so a BMX Show will let you experience what they are capable of when pushed to their limits and used in the realm of art and artistry.

In the afternoon racing bikes will prove that bikes are not only for transporting oneself or objects, they can be really really fast too. Needless to say that we can not dismiss you without some music, this time by the progressive rock trio Mother´s Cake from Austria.

18. May 2015

From Space to Place to Utopia, June 12 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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Have you ever passed a deserted public space or a big dirty wall in your city and imagined it to be transformed in something fun, exciting, and beautiful for everyone, instead of being abandoned and unused? On June 12, many artists and persons engaged in the cultural sector will be discussing exactly this topic.


Beginning at 6pm, the first talk will be about spaces that are currently occupied by companies for their advertisements. Do they really need to promote their products in every possible corner? Isn’t it more desirable to be exposed to art, instead of commercial billboards? How can we reclaim walls to create an artistic and creative surrounding to live in? This surely will be fertile ground for a heated and productive debate about our urban landscapes and visions of their possible futures.


With this gained momentum the discussion goes into the second round and proposes further ideas from Ljubljana, Bordeaux and Munich. Both talks will be held in english!

To let off some steam or simply to relax a bit after that serious plotting to change the world (or at least some cities) you may want to come around for DJ Discoteca Salsoul and the DJs Watusi and Milton Flores!

7. May 2015

Bike Lab Story in the Boneshaker Mag

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The adventures of the Muslauf team at Schmiede Hallein where they have held a Trike Lab workshop and their 2 day test-drive to Munich have received an very nice, 6 page coverage in the Boneshaker Magazine, featuring photos by Domen Ožbot and the beautyful illustrations by Ajda Fortuna.

Boneshaker is an advertisement-free quarterly, celebrating bicycles and the people who ride them. It is definelty one of the best looking magazines that we could enjoy not just for its content and the strong community touch, but also for its amazing design, photos and illustration.

As they say: “It is more about what bicycles can do than what they look like (…) no training tips, race diets or adverts. It’s not how much your bike weighs that matters, but where it takes you. It’s not how fast you got there, but what you saw on the way.”

Something we can certainly connect to.

A photo posted by Maki MCMLXXXVI (@maki42) on

4. March 2015

MIRON MILIĆ – Mural Arts Residency Ljubljana

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Following the last year’s success with WTD’s Mural Arts Residency in Ljubljana, when Pallo Ollap furnished an empty house-front with a pigeon carrying a bear, this year we have been able to choose from 64 applicants and the selection process was not easy.

At the end of the second round, a Croatian artist Miron Milić (1980) was selected. Between 17th and 22nd February he created a new mural on the house-front of the Mahr House, changing the view of Ljubljana’s Central Market. The piece was said to explore the phenomena of consumerism and sustainable life style in relation with youth urban cultures. OK, I guess it really does, but really, if you can’t make it here to see it in person, at least check out the making-of video, shot by Multipraktik. I recommend a full screen action (take time, it is short) and with speakers on (yes, I do think the soundtrack is mean)!

1. October 2014


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What’s the Deal and Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Ljubljana, Slovenia) are pleased to announce its mural arts initiative. The mural arts residency is offered to artists who want to develop and present their work addressing the theme of consumption and sustainability.

The residency offers a three-week stay in Ljubljana. Artist-in-residence will receive a fee of 1000 EUR net. It will take place for three weeks in the February 2015 – March 2015 period. The final dates will be set in an agreement between Kino Šiška and the selected artist. There is a budget for materials and services for realizing the work. Travel costs to and from Ljubljana will also be taken care of.

Participants must be EU residents or residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Former Yugoslav republics or Turkey. Artis from Slovenia will not be accepted.

Younger artists (under 35) will receive a more favourable treatment. Inclusive approaches that would involve an active role of local (Ljubljana’s) artists, designers or other practitioners in development and/or realization of the project are also preferred.

Deadline: November 17, 2014

For more details and technicalites on how to apply, please refer to this link.

29. September 2014

Bike Builders

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The last video in the series about Ljubljana’s bike scene.

Interviewed are three bike builders from Ljubljana’s Muslauf society. They all start their builds by re-using old bike frames, giving them a new life, matched by their new purpose and the users’ needs.
All three of them have a unique and distinctive style and philosophy, but what connects them is a wish that the bikes would have a deeper personal meaning to the user, that they would be something more than the average bikes usually are – they perceive personalization as means of sustainability and responsibility in design.

Directed, shot and edited by Tilen Sepič.

22. September 2014

Pici Bici – A new video

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Here comes a new video about Ljublana’s bike scene.

Pici bici, this quirky bike little boutique on Celovška in Ljubljana first existed only as a web-store. But they have recently joined forces with Musverks bike shop and together they have moved into the Muslauf HQ. Hand in hand they form a homely DIY place where many urban bikers feel at home, socialize and sometimes just hang out a bit. It is not only a store + shop combination but rather a place for the community, a place where new bikes get devised, and old ones re-imagined, information within the community gets passed along and new trips are planned.
In the video people behind Pici Bici explain their view of Ljublana’s young bike scene which every day evolves in front of their eyes. We also get to learn why they started the store and get a bit of an insight about the schism of aesthetics vs. functionality when it comes to bikes.

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene 4/5: 4-5 PiciBici – Bicycyle boutique (DIY & Style vs. Function)

14. September 2014

Trostrescki – The delivery trikes ready for whenever you need them

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This is the third video in the series about Ljubljana’s bike scene.

Pici bici is a small biycle boutiqe in the very centre of Ljubljana’s recent surge of interes into biking in Ljubljana. Why did they start the shop? How do they connect and relate to Muslauf? What is more important – the aesthetics or the functionality of the bike? A where do and where do these connect?

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene: 3-5 Delivery Trikes (Authenticity, responsibility & continuity)

9. September 2014

Musguard – the second video in the series

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It has been a week after the premiere of the first video in the series on Ljubljana’ bike scene. Here comes a new episode:

Fixies, these carefully assembled bikes, reduced to the essence of bicycleness, can be found almost anywhere around the globe. A large and world-spread community of enthusiasts inevitably means there is a market of noticeable size. But for the aficionados, not unlike in any other sub-culture, an aura of authenticity of the products on the market can be of even greater importance than their actual usability or price. Not that making a working and sleek product is unimportant, but being in touch with the needs of the scene and respecting its ethos is indeed critical when designing it. That is also why the sub-cultural scenes often prefer individuals or one-man brands like Jurij Lozić of Musguard to the out-of-touch marketing campaigns by the corporate world.

Jurij designed a rollable and quickly removable fender, which is successfully targeting the needs of the riders that love their stripped-to-the-bones bikes. In our new video he explains how he, now not only as a rider, but also as a designer and a business person, perceives the questions of business, authenticity and sustainability.

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene – 2/5 Musguard Fender (Business, authenticity & sustainability)

Oh, and to give you some background on Jurij, here is also the video to introduce Musguard.

3. September 2014

Trike Lab with Muslauf

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Introducing one of our SchmiedeLabs in collaboration with WTD

Trike Lab

The Trike Lab will design and assemble two tricycles which will lead a Bike ride to Munich.
The first trike will be a repair bike that gets your best and favourite bike-mechanic with all the tools he needs directly to where you and your bike got stranded and need a mechanical fix. The second one built will be a Keg-bike, because delivery of refreshments is always needed and always needs to be done in proper biking style.
On the last day of Schmiede the newly built trikes & the Muslauf team will pack their tools and join a 2-day Biking Caravan to Munich.


Muslauf is a diverse group of people from Ljubljana, joined strongly by their love to bicycles. Their eagerness to endlessly discuss any biking related topic over a can of cold beer is only shadowed by their passion to design and assemble custom bikes. The lab will be led by a team of six: Bor Čeh, Ajda Fortuna, Marko Makuc, Marko Marovt, Domen Ožbot and Andraž Tarman
For the purposes of the TrikeLab at Schmiede Muslauf will work on two bikes simultaneously. The lab’s first trike assembly will be led by Bor Čeh. Flying the Retro Rats flag his design will focus on building the perfect travelling bike-repair shop.

Trike two will be designed under Andraž Tarman’s supervision. Wearing the Musverks colours, his fellows will focus building on a very important addition to the Muslauf’s fleet of event-focused bikes, the Keg bike.

Info Text

This bike ride, led by Muslauf, will take the results of the Trike Lab’s work to a two-day test ride to Munich. Starting in the morning of the 21st of September, the event extends the Trike Lab of this year’s Schmiede SelfAssembling activities for another two days two-day trip. The planned stop for camping is somewhere around Chiemsee and on day two we should already be able to sleep somewhere around our arrival destination in the Munich City Centre. Everybody is welcome to join the ride as long as you are on wheels, not propelled by a motor (other than yourself) and can take care of your camping / roof for the night.

This event happens no matter what the weather. Do dress accordingly.

People involved

Bor Čeh
Ajda Fortuna
Marko Makuc
Marko Marovt
Domen Ožbot
Andraž Tarman



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