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20. May 2015

Velocity, June 14 // What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The most sustainable way to carry yourself from one place to another, without taking hours, is surely by bike. Sunday, June 14, will be dedicated to bycicles that have been around for almost two hundred years but are still as useful and popular as ever!


During this day, you will encounter many new and innovative models that you might not have known about yet. The first ones to introduce themselves will be cargo bikes, proving that there is no need for a car, even if you have to transport heavy objects. As it is still possible for little breakdowns to occur, the Repair Bike Box from Ljubljana is ready to show you some tricks to bring your bike on the road again.


It is against the nature of bikes to stand fixedly in one spot, so a BMX Show will let you experience what they are capable of when pushed to their limits and used in the realm of art and artistry.

In the afternoon racing bikes will prove that bikes are not only for transporting oneself or objects, they can be really really fast too. Needless to say that we can not dismiss you without some music, this time by the progressive rock trio Mother´s Cake from Austria.

Schmiede15: Application

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Welcome to Schmiede the playground of ideas.


Schmiede15: READY
September 10th – 20th 2015
Application is open till May 31st.


Schmiede is a producers festival and community, a playground where our ideas come to play.
Since 2003 annually, Schmiede produces this focused collective experience far off on an island in the Austrian countryside. We provide space, time, basic tools, food, events, a heterogeneous group of participants (Smiths), guests and projects. Schmiede unites to work and connect – genre, origin, tribe, eating habits – it doesn´t matter, motivation, quality and the will to work and engage with others are the core criteria.

Schmiede receives around 300+ applications per year. Schmiede accepts around 250 participants a year (numbers vary according to background eg.: a musician needs more space than a graphic designer). The SchmiedeNetwork consists of around 700 producers from over 20 nations and 5 continents. The annual mix of participants is split between 60% returning participants and 40% new participants. The age distribution is focused lies between 18 and 45, however the majority of Schmiede participants range from 20 to 35.

For ten days the Saline in Hallein becomes an open and free playground (2000m2) for 250+ digital creatives and artists from all around the world. Depending on the needs and possibilities of its members the SmithNetwork moves along the borders of art, culture, handcraft and creative industries. Schmiede ends with the SchmiedeWorkshow, a grand public exhibition, where the Smith productions of the past ten days are presented to the the public and media. Participation is decided according to current application. Application for Schmiede always ends on May 31st. And yes: Everyone needs to apply, every year.

Do you have a project in mind, but don’t have the space, people or tools to realize it?
Do you want to take time to develop yourself and your projects engulfed in a large group of peers?
Do you want to meet like minded creatives to collaborate, exchange ideas or just get inspired?
Do you want to present your project or idea in front of your peers and get feedback?
Schmiede might be the right place for you to get started or continue.

Austria, Salzburg, Hallein

SchmiedePrinciples: NETWORK, CREATE, PRESENT

video: Schmiede in 5:20: https://vimeo.com/64489715
pictures: http://issuu.com/schmiede/docs/schmiede12presentation
Schmiede print: http://issuu.com/schmiede
Schmiede on fb: https://www.facebook.com/schmiedehallein
Schmiede on t: https://twitter.com/schmiedehallein

Smith videos: https://vimeo.com/groups/110342
Smith sounds: https://soundcloud.com/groups/schmiede
Smith Photos: https://www.flickr.com/groups/schmiede/

home: www.schmiede.ca
Please use this fb event https://www.facebook.com/events/1542441686044451/
Not on fb or is your question too personal for fb: officeATschmiedeDOTca

Pic credit:
Pat Rick https://flickr.com/photos/128331139@N02/
Project “LOST IN FEAREST” https://vimeo.com/113043827

18. May 2015

PanamaPlus 2015, June 13 // What’s the deal – moving urban cultures

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PanamaPlus is an interdisciplinary subculture festival on the theme of cultural sustainability and on saturday, June 13, this great festival will be part of “Moving urban cultures”.

There will be lots of talks and debates focussing on social concerns, including subculture, internet-narcissism and games. Moreover there will be some presentations of innovative ideas and initiatives like Wastecooking or EE Music:

David Gross from Austria didn’t want to accept longer the madness of throwing away tons of food and will introduce his idea of sustainable cooking. EE Music as well is aiming to make our world more sustainable, but – as the name suggests – it is all about our beloved tunes on concerts and festivals.

Spoken word performances from the Rationalversammlung about gender, poetry and sexism might make you rethink your values and “Update.jung &erwachsen” gives you the chance to participate in workshops about media. Visual poetry, video installations, a beatbattle and short movie cinema will make you experience art with all your senses.

The day will end with live concerts of Retrogott & HulkHodn, Akere, Manel Rodriguez and DJ Sets from MunichOpenMinded, Walter Wolff and Damnitdisco.

16. May 2015

Opening Day June 11, 15 – What’s the deal? – moving urban cultures

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The long preparation time will be over on June 11 , when what´s the deal final event „moving urban cultures“ will be started as a diverse festival at the Import Export Kantine in the Kreativquartier in Munich.

▶ 15.00 –18.00 h
WTD-Skateworkshop with Albertross & friends

The day will begin with a beginner’s workshop for anyone who would like to try out skateboarding.


▶ 18.00 h
Opening of the festival and the exhibition by
Dr Hans-Georg Küppers, Director of the Department of Arts
and Culture, City of Munich

After leaving the workshop with a proud smile and new skills, one can take a seat and rest while listening to the opening speech by Dr Hans-Georg Küppers, the Director of the Department of Arts and Culture.

▶ 18.30 h
Schmiede – Sustainable Creativity
Talk by Rüdiger Wassibauer, Schmiede Hallein

Rüdiger rom our project partner Schmiede Hallein in Austria will later explain how creativity and sustainability at the Schmiede festival is firmly interwoven.

▶ From 19.00 h onwards
Guided tours through the exhibition and artist talks


Meanwhile, the space in front of the Import Export Kantine will hopefully be filled with visitors eager to find out about the artworks presented in the exhibition rooms. We will provide guided tours by our team in order to pass on the ideas and stories connected with the creation of the art work, but als to talk about what has happened during the last two years in the WTD project. It will also be a chance to get into easy conversations with the artists who will be around for the opening. The guided tours will not only lead through the exhibitions rooms but also show the area around the Import Export Kantine, as the Nomadic Sculpture, one of the major project activities in Munich is being set up again in the courtyard together with the crazy designed trikes from Ljubljana.

▶ 19.00 – 20.30 h
We are Utopia!
Performance by Class Ingold, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich

 In between, students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich will do a live performance of the installation they have created for the exhibition.


▶ 21.00 h
THE SINGER – Opus in the Chord
Performance by Lisa Simpson (Berlin) and
Stephanie Müller (Munich)
with Gülcan Turna and Klaus Erich Dietl (both from Munich)

Before music with HopStopBanda and DJ Nemo.and informal talks with the artists will end the day, another performance – this one by Lisa Simpson and Stephanie Müller combining sewing with music and art – will entertain the audience.


6. May 2015

WTD Final Event program out now

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Finally we can show you the program of the festival in June,  so take a look and prepare yourself for the big event!

Click on the Flyer to the left, to read it in English. The German version is the one to the right.


WTD_FLYER_ENG              WTD_Flyer


22. April 2015

FINAL EVENT “what´s the deal? – moving urban cultures”

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We are getting closer and closer to the date of our final event! From June 11-20,  the Kreativquartier in Munich invites you to join the festival “what´s the deal? – moving urban cultures”, the closing event of the WTD project.

Each day will be dedicated to a special topic where a manifold program will be prepared, all dealing with sustainability and urban cultures.

Nomadic Sculpture - Candidplatz

While the Opening Day, June 11, will contain the vernissage of the exhibitions, a skateworkshop and performances,  June 12 will offer discussions about reclaiming and using public urban space.

June 13 will be kind of a huge grab bag filled with further thought-provoking talks and presentations, videos and shortmovies, poetry, live concerts and many more.

June 14, on the other hand, will be all about bikes – what kind of creative bycicles are swerving on the surface of our planet beyond the traditional types? How can you repair them? Can the riding of a bike be sport and art at the same time? If you want to find out, this is your day.

The following Friday, June 19, is dedicated to design. A workshop will let you learn about the connection between design and compassion. Designers from various places in Europe will discuss their role as responsible cocreators of commodities and  in the evening a fashion perfomance awaits you that brings even food into play. Can you imagine anything better?

Our last day, June 20, will deal with the prominent Munich WTD-theme: the popular subculture of skateboarding. The Nomadic Sculpture will be ready again for the tricks of  skateboarders and bikers. Kids can learn in a workshop how to skate on a board, while videos about famous D.i.Y skateparks around the world will be shown in the WTD container.  It will be followed by a discussion between representatives of the city and the Munich skateboarder scene on how D.I.Y. skateparks could fit to Munich’s Skateparkcity image.

But no worries, there is no void on days without a program! Except for Monday you can still enjoy many intriguing artworks and installations at our exhibitons. A WTD-infocenter is ready to answer all your questions about the background and results of the WTD project –  on screen, on paper and face-to-face. And on top of this bands and DJs like HopStopBanda, Retrogott & HulkHodn and DJ Salsoul with DJ Watusi and Milton Flores will provide you with music almost every evening.

More info will be posted soon.


23. March 2015

Finissage at MaximiliansForum

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The Finissage of Episode IV: Moving Underground took place on the 10th of January in MaximiliansForum and has been a great success. Many young skaters came and demonstrated their skills on the Nomadic Sculpture. mayer+empl and Genelabo provided some colourful projections, transforming the sculpture into an artful playground with exciting patterns by making them change and shift according to the skater´s movements.


The more experienced ones like Tom Cat showed some of their complex tricks later in the evening.

     16261875956_a559d21d28_z 16261932066_3f9ef20240_z

But not only young adults and grown-ups enjoyed the event. Little soon-to-be skaters joined in and paved the ground for their future careers. In the “Best Trick Contest” they proved that such predictions are in no way untenable pipe dreams and that they´re sure to become the next skate-stars.

16102088609_57ac72208b_z  16100749360_a6781d2096_z2

Haeppi Piecis showed a diverse selection of innovatively designed items, ranging from lamps and chairs to clothing and accessories. By emphasizing the local oppsed to bulk goods they want to create awareness for sustainablity and alternatives for our accustomed lifestyles.


Music wasn´t absent as well, but of course not in the well-known habitual way. Lisa Simpson challenged the traditional style of performing music by including her sewing machine in a “fashion orchestra”. Through that unusual pairing she became musician and designer at the same time, making people dance and see the creation of a new piece of fashion at once.


If you want to have a brief overview of the whole Period of Episode IV: Moving Underground watch the video below:

moving underground – Nomadic Sculpture Episode IV at MaximiliansForum from What's the deal? on Vimeo.




19. March 2015

Watch Bert Scholten’s 20 short animations

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Invited by What’s the deal? I was a resident in Villa Waldberta last november and december. Just outside Munich, on the hills which provide a classic German-romantic view over the Starnberger See and the alps.

IMG_1022_ IMG_0551_a IMG_1039 IMG_0463
1: The Villa Waldberta artist residency / 2: dem Nebelmeer (Starnberger see) and the alps behind / 3&4: handpainted typographic signs and maps in the area

I researched the current state of underground-culture using Munich as a research site. I came across a lot of friendly, humorous and hospitable people and initiatives. Check out food specialists Tisch & Thymian, musicians/label-owners/artists  Pollyester (and their new album ‘City of O’), Matt Wiegele, Domteur MoonerWon ABC, Jan Weissenfeld, Markus Grassl and curators Haeppi Peacis. Saw some great shows at Kafe Kult, Glockenbachwerkstatt, Milla and Import Export. But, of course, there’s much more to discover.


Munich has a peculiar mix of strong cultural heritage and modern welfare. Volxvergnuegen makes a welcome and surprising answer to that by organizing a lot. Talks about culture and music, small concerts, zines, a label called iRRland and a riso-printing service.
A riso-printer is a copy-machine which can do very lively oil-based color-prints. I printed the invitation above on very short notice with their kind help.

IMG_0689 IMG_0740 IMG_0780
Left: Riso-printing at Volxvergnuegen / Middle: Signing the prints by hand / Right: detail of typical charachteristics riso-printing

The second month I focussed on making an animation everyday. Below you can see my studio with my research board, instruments and drawing tablet inside Villa Waldberta.


After 20 days of animating I had 20 videos. Below you can see all 20 animations in the series. I recommend to watch them in HD. From june 11 these videos will be shown in an art-installation at the final event of What’s the Deal? at the Kreativquartier at the Dachauerstrasse in Munich. I hope to see you there!

Bert Scholten


12. March 2015

An Art Intervention in Amsterdam

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This February, we started our Art Intervention series in Amsterdam with a masterclass program. For four days, a group of fourteen designers and artists came together in an Amsterdam canal house to learn and discuss about sustainability and design (check all the cultural players here). Our generous host – the Natural Capital Coalition – provided us with a meeting space in the Groene Bocht, which is an office space for sustainable companies varying from architects and a law firm, to a salad bar franchise and a magazine about green and conscious living. A great place to start our journey!

For the Art Intervention week, we created a program bringing together themes such as economy, design, compassion, biomimicry, reuse, toxicology and philosophy to approach the idea of sustainability from very different angles. We wanted to inform, inspire and provoke the status quo.
The main question we posed at the beginning of the week to everyone was to think about ‘How can you, as an artist or designer, change the world (in a sustainable way)?’ This is of course a big question, with as many possible answers as you can actually think of. It has been (and will be) a very personal journey for everyone. But exiting things are already happening.
For the coming weeks we will be collecting all the ideas and answers of the group and start framing an exhibition for the Munich event coming June (more info soon!). We will, of course, keep you updated, but firstsome pictures of the event to give you some impression.

art intervention amsterdam-2

We kicked the Art Intervention off with a lecture from Pieter van der Gaag, Executive Director of the Natural Capital Coalition. He talked to us about the big trends in global sustainability and explained how the NCC is working with multinationals to value their use of the commons and incorporate it in their pricing models so they can give back for what they take from the earth.

art intervention amsterdam-4

For the afternoon session, designer and founder of Studio Sattelit Alexandra Weigand, provides us with insight into her research and discussed her visions for design and sustainability for the 21st century. Alexandra presented current design trends and showed us how the latest research, new technologies and production methods can be used for designing a sustainable future.

art intervention amsterdam-6

art intervention amsterdam-10

When your design is your responsibility, how do you then makes choices in your life and work? And what is the role of (self-) compassion? The second day, we had to get to work immediately! In her workshop ‘Compassion in Design’ Saša Kerkoš challenged us to get to know each other (and ourselves) with a series of exercises.

art intervention amsterdam-11

Self-proclaimed garbage architect Denis Oudendijk presented his work with Refunc and we discussed how you can work with discarded materials en products to create site-specific interventions. “Wherever you can find garbage, we do research and workshops on creative re-use, as recycling is not the answer to the questions of life, the universe and everything”.

art intervention amsterdam-9

art intervention amsterdam-5

The third day we started with a workshop about toxicology to open everyone’s eyes when it comes to the materials and productions processes we all work with. For the afternoon we invited Willa Stoutenbeek of W.Green, Tom van de Beek from a.o. I Love Beeing and Ludo Hekman from Butch and Sundance for an inspiring discussion. They combine entrepreneurship with social issues, sustainability and all want to contribute to creating a better world. We discussed ethics & aesthetics, providing the better alternative, and the shortcuts and long processes of behavioural change towards awareness and sustainable living.

art intervention amsterdam-13

On day four, we invited the inspiring textile designer Aniela Hoitink from Neffa (http://neffa.nl/) to discuss her work and the concepts from which she works. She uses biomimicry, new technologies and natural processes in her research and works towards products that create more awareness or even smart solutions to wicked problems.

art intervention amsterdam-3

art intervention amsterdam-12

And of course, we left the biggest challenge to create a grand finale of the week. Environmental philosopher Floris van den Berg challenged our thinking about the world, our identity, our moral circle, identity, eating meat, and our personal choices in his philosophical journey through his concept of universal subjectivism. It takes into consideration the universal capacity for suffering and, through raising awareness, seeks to diminish that suffering and increase happiness. With consistent and compelling moral reasoning, Van den Berg showed us that the world can be organized to ensure more pleasure, beauty, justice, happiness, health, freedom, animal welfare, and sustainability. We are still discussing this one!

3. March 2015

subnetTALK: Korinna Lindinger

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Korinna Lindinger talked about our WTD research project at the Kunstquartier Bergstrasse in the frame of the subnetTALK series.

Schmiede is a network of people strongly engaged in various fields of arts, design, technology and performance with various professional competences. Members get together for intense experimentation for two weeks per year. Cooperations, network-activity and mutual support go on during the year through digital communication.
Non-hierarchic knowledge transfer and interdisciplinary exchange plays a constituting role for Schmiede. Translocal communities of interest have gained importance as places of individual and collective resources for professional development.
The talk discusses results of a research project about the sustainability of the semi-digital network for artist’s biographies. The research is embedded in international EU-Project “What’s the deal” about young urban cultures and sustainability.


See the video:

subnetTALK Korinna Lindinger


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