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4. November 2015

What’s the deal? at the Mag het Licht Aan Festival in Amsterdam

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The ‘Mag het Licht Aan Festival’ is a festival for idealists and those who want to make the world a better place. With a program full of inspiring philosophical in-depth talks, exhibitions of art and photography, theatre as well as new forms of music. Among many contributors to the program such as Het Filosofisch Kwintet, Marli Huijer, Henk Oosterling, was also Coolpolitics as the Dutch project partner of “What’s the deal?” with a talk about ‘A More Sustainable Me’ led by Dutch Radio and Television presenter Pieter van der Wielen. The guests participating in the talk were Willa Stoutenbeek (Sustainable Fashion Industry), Tom van de Beek (sustainable entrepreneur) and Nynke Schaaf (sustainable economist, entrepreneur and program maker at the Dutch Television). The talk resulted in a lively interactive debate between guests and visitors about three subjects: sustainable life, sustainability with regard to family and friends and sustainability with regard to work and education.About one hundred people participated actively in the talk while even more people followed the discussion from the outside of the discussion arena. The talk attracted a very mixed group of visitors: from young to old, from very idealistic to very practical, makers as well as consumers, men and women.

During and after the debate, the Art Intervention booklet “How to change the world as a designer” was distributed amongst the audience. The booklet presents the designers who had participated in the Art Intervention activities of What’s the deal? as well as their work shown in a 10 day long exhibition at the festival “what’s the deal? – moving urban cultures” in Munich in Junie.

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