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4. November 2015

Nomadic Sculpture in Berlin and A Petition for DIY Skateparks in Munich

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After the WTD festival at the Kreativquartier in Munich, the Nomadic Sculpture was deinstalled for the last time and was moved to Berlin. Why to Berlin? Because that is where Philip Metz, the artist of the skateable sculpture, lives. He is now in charge of the art work and has found a storage place for the modules. They are currently being stored in a warehouse somewhere in the woods around Berlin waiting to be reused again…

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While the Nomadic Sculpture is now in Berlin, an unexpected positive outcome of the project “What’s the deal?” has occurred in Munich. Several city councillors issued a petition requesting the city administration to look into the possibility of providing temporary space to create DIY skateparks. This idea was developed during a debate at the WTD festival “moving urban cultures” with representatives from political parties and from the skateboarding scene.

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