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17. June 2015

What’s the deal.. about the Nomadic Sculpture?

by Hertha    Filed under: Munich,SkateboardingComments Off on What’s the deal.. about the Nomadic Sculpture?

Philip Metz made a zine about the Nomadic Sculpture for the What’s the deal? event.

The ‘Nomadic Sculpture’ is a usable art object for public spaces, created under the leadership of concept artist Philip Metz from Berlin. The sculpture is largely made of old recycled timber and can vary in shape and dimensions because of its modular structure. It was mainly made with skateboarders in mind. The object kept developing during its journey through Munich to five urban unused places. The experience gained and the dialogue with the surroundings and the public was used in the continuing design process. The ‘Nomadic Sculpture’ therefore surpasses an expectation that would be hard to fulfil anyways – especially for an object of art, which per definition is not an object created with the purpose of being used.



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