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25. June 2015

Day 9 at the moving urban cultures festival: Designday

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After a few days at the Moving Urban Cultures festival dedicated only to the exhibition and live concerts during the night, Friday was full of activities related to design. With discussions, presentations, a food happening and some good Indie music at Import Export, there was surely something for every kind of taste.


Ever wondered if there’s a new design culture in Europe? The participants of the first talk on Friday (Jurij Bobic, Onur Ceritoglu, Philipp Weber, Ralf Josef and Shevia Limmen) were discussing this topic and brought up some interesting thoughts. Due to Philipp Weber and Ralf Josef, who both took part in the Art Intervention Amsterdam, there’s a big difference between Dutch design and German design. In the Netherlands storytelling is always seen in the work of designers, which makes it also more sustainable, as we tend to keep things longer which have a meaning for ourselves.

Jurij Bobic and Onur Ceritoglu both pointed out that their work is always influenced by their cultural background and therefore disagreed that there should be a one world design. Shevia Limmen added that for her the main reason of designing is to create something personal, so a one world design would just be boring.

It’s hard to answer the question if there’s a new design culture in Europe, but the discussion showed, that young designers are occupied with sustainable topics and are trying to make a change with their work.


“There is no garbage” quoted Denis Oudendijk and started the following presentation of REFUNC, giving an idea of what waste architecture means. Based on waste material, REFUNC creates experimental structures and mobile micro architecture thus extends the life-cylce of materials. For me it was surprising and inspiring at the same time how waste materials like palletts, old A/Cs or fridges can be used in an arty but also usable way for citizens.


WTD_Tag5_1_133What would the design day have been without meeting the designers of the exhibition personally? Susanne Esken, coordinator of the Art Intervention Amsterdam, gave a short introduction of the exhibition by explaining the idea of sustainable design. After that the visitors had the chance to talk to the artists and designers – a great opportunity for new insights.


My personal highlight on this day was the so called Dinner happening. Without any expectations I found myself around 8pm behind the Kreativräume surrounded by a tempting smell. Laborküche München in cooperation with Foodsharing had prepared a delicious meal for all the visitors: enjoying a healthy dish with rice and the personal choice of veges with a relaxed audience while listening to the DJ set was the perfect ending of a long day!


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