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25. June 2015

Day 1 at the moving urban cultures festival: Opening day

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Finally! We just can‘t handle it! After over two years of constantly working on ‚What‘s the deal?‘ the final event actually started – introduced at ‚Import Export Kantine‘ by none other than the head of the department of arts and culture of the city of Munich, Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers and the head of ‚Import Export‘, Tunjay Acar. In their speeches they highlighted the importance of an international network of young urban artists and designers to tackle themes like sustainability and implant them much deeper into the visitors minds and hearts.



Something else for the heart: the first event of the day, a skateboard-workshop by Matt Wiegele and his friends for young future skate professionals.



Look at you! If you remember, yesterday we showed a picture of Jurij Bobic‘s project still under construction – just one day later he and his team realised this amazing room.



Free your mind, because this was the performance of the class of Res Ingold of the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. They sure did get the attention with the noises they made and their paroles (‚GO TO SLEEP OTHERWISE YOU ARE AWAKE‘) – if not, the pack of dogs which was part of the event did the job.



People everywhere – thanks to all the visitors who already came by on the first day. There was a lot to see and talk about. For example about the work ‚Objet‘s d‘art‘ of Moulsari Jain and her partner, Hannah Kindler who turn everyday objects into pieces of art.



The last performance of the day: ‚THE SINGER – Opus im Akkord‘ by Lisa Simpson in collaboration with Stephanie Müller, Gülcan Turna and Klaus Erlich Dietl. Did you want to have handmade counterfeit money sewn into your pockets? Then this was the place to be.


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