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25. June 2015

Day 0: preparation of the moving urban cultures festival

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Nomadic Sculpture‘ by Berlin-based concept artist Philip Metz in its final stage of construction right outside ‚Import Export Kantine‘ at Munich‘s ‚Kreativquartier‘ – the location of the final event of the EU-programme ‚What‘s the deal?‘ which took place in four different European cities starting over two years ago.



Dozens of people are still working on those last details: will those screws hold? does that picture still need to be put straight? should I put my sculptures here or there? are there still extension cables left? who wants a coffee? Only 24 hours later these places need to be ready for visitors to the exhibition. Since work ethics is great, there‘s no doubt things will work out just fine in the end. Back to work!



Be it Jurij Bobic from Ljubljana with his group‘s project ‚Re: ciklarnica – waste as a challenge‘ or Marjanne van Helvert from the Netherlands – every artist and designer is putting his or her stuff on display: how do young creative makers percieve sustainability and how do they apply their views on urban culture?



And by the way: thanks a lot to all the helping hands. There would be no exhibition without you. So lets hope we‘ll still get our stuff done until tomorrow – big opening at 6 p.m.!


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