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23. March 2015

Finissage at MaximiliansForum

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The Finissage of Episode IV: Moving Underground took place on the 10th of January in MaximiliansForum and has been a great success. Many young skaters came and demonstrated their skills on the Nomadic Sculpture. mayer+empl and Genelabo provided some colourful projections, transforming the sculpture into an artful playground with exciting patterns by making them change and shift according to the skater´s movements.


The more experienced ones like Tom Cat showed some of their complex tricks later in the evening.

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But not only young adults and grown-ups enjoyed the event. Little soon-to-be skaters joined in and paved the ground for their future careers. In the “Best Trick Contest” they proved that such predictions are in no way untenable pipe dreams and that they´re sure to become the next skate-stars.

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Haeppi Piecis showed a diverse selection of innovatively designed items, ranging from lamps and chairs to clothing and accessories. By emphasizing the local oppsed to bulk goods they want to create awareness for sustainablity and alternatives for our accustomed lifestyles.


Music wasn´t absent as well, but of course not in the well-known habitual way. Lisa Simpson challenged the traditional style of performing music by including her sewing machine in a “fashion orchestra”. Through that unusual pairing she became musician and designer at the same time, making people dance and see the creation of a new piece of fashion at once.


If you want to have a brief overview of the whole Period of Episode IV: Moving Underground watch the video below:

moving underground – Nomadic Sculpture Episode IV at MaximiliansForum from What's the deal? on Vimeo.





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