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19. March 2015

Watch Bert Scholten’s 20 short animations

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Invited by What’s the deal? I was a resident in Villa Waldberta last november and december. Just outside Munich, on the hills which provide a classic German-romantic view over the Starnberger See and the alps.

IMG_1022_ IMG_0551_a IMG_1039 IMG_0463
1: The Villa Waldberta artist residency / 2: dem Nebelmeer (Starnberger see) and the alps behind / 3&4: handpainted typographic signs and maps in the area

I researched the current state of underground-culture using Munich as a research site. I came across a lot of friendly, humorous and hospitable people and initiatives. Check out food specialists Tisch & Thymian, musicians/label-owners/artists  Pollyester (and their new album ‘City of O’), Matt Wiegele, Domteur MoonerWon ABC, Jan Weissenfeld, Markus Grassl and curators Haeppi Peacis. Saw some great shows at Kafe Kult, Glockenbachwerkstatt, Milla and Import Export. But, of course, there’s much more to discover.


Munich has a peculiar mix of strong cultural heritage and modern welfare. Volxvergnuegen makes a welcome and surprising answer to that by organizing a lot. Talks about culture and music, small concerts, zines, a label called iRRland and a riso-printing service.
A riso-printer is a copy-machine which can do very lively oil-based color-prints. I printed the invitation above on very short notice with their kind help.

IMG_0689 IMG_0740 IMG_0780
Left: Riso-printing at Volxvergnuegen / Middle: Signing the prints by hand / Right: detail of typical charachteristics riso-printing

The second month I focussed on making an animation everyday. Below you can see my studio with my research board, instruments and drawing tablet inside Villa Waldberta.


After 20 days of animating I had 20 videos. Below you can see all 20 animations in the series. I recommend to watch them in HD. From june 11 these videos will be shown in an art-installation at the final event of What’s the Deal? at the Kreativquartier at the Dachauerstrasse in Munich. I hope to see you there!

Bert Scholten



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