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6. November 2014

The “Nomadic Sculpture” goes into the fourth round – Episode IV: Moving Underground

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And it’s about time to provide more news about this upcoming event, the fourth one where the Nomadic Sculpture moves around the city to the selected urban spots. As announced in the last blog entry about the Nomadic sculpture – www.whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=756 – the Nomadic Sculpture will move underground to the MaximiliansForum, an art space in a pedestrian sub-passage in Munich, and adapt to this environment in a new shape. The sculpture will stay at that venue from Saturday, 22.11.14 to Saturday, 10.01.15 –  7 long weeks.
During that time period, the art space will be open to the public, but in particular to the skateboarders who will be allowed to skate the Nomadic Sculpture. The WTD team thinks that this will be particularly attractive for them, as places for skating during winter time are few to none in Munich. Another highlight will be interactive projections on the artistic sculpture.


An impression of the venue MaximiliansForum:


And this is an example what the projection could look like:



And there will be even more to see at MaximiliansForum during Episode IV: Moving Underground. This time the Nomadic Sculpture has teamed up with Haeppi Piecis Design Concept Store where local and international products will be shown and – hopefully – sold. The slogan is: Think global, act local! The store will not only show sustainable products from local designers, but also present the artwork related to sustainability by the international guest artists from Villa Waldberta, the international artist-in-residence house of the City of Munich.(more info about the artists: whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=698).


The event will start with an opening on September 22. This is the planned program:


16:00 – 19:00

Assisted by Skateboarding München e.V. the skater community will get the big opportunity to test the functionality of our ‘Nomadic Sculpture’ and to show its special skills! Their performances will be surrounded by an interactive projection mapping on the sculpture by Gene (Doublevisions) and mayer+empl to the background music played by Dj Larry Frenoga (Jazz-Funk-Soul-Gala).



The official opening of the event will take place. The very unique Design Concept Store : ‘Going local’ will be presented which offers not only fashion and accessories but also delicacies and interior decorationproduced sustainably in and around Munich. On top of that the artistical work of the young artists Lisa Simpson (São Paulo), Onur Ceritoğlu (Istanbul) und Collective GUMB (Ljubljana) created during their stay at Villa Walberta, the international artist residence of the City of Munich will be presented.



A live rap performance by the rather well-known Roger Rekless will inspire the audience.



Fantastic DJ performances managed by Dj ’Larry Frenoga’ (Jazz-Funk-Soul-Gala) will round off the Vernissage.

Have a look at the full program (in German) :

Flyer Nomadic Sculpture - Episode IV

And there will be more events during the weeks after the opening. The next one is planned for November 6 at the MaximiliansForum: The Open-Door-Exhibition. But this is another story. Watch out for the next blog on the Nomadic Sculpture.




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