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28. November 2014

Simon says

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For our first clip we interviewed Simon “Esel” Schöllhorn, co-founder of SHRN Skateshop, based in the heart of Munich. The team started out in 2004 as a blog for skaters & lifestyle in Munich. Figuring out, that there is no skateshop around, which fulfills their needs of hanging on a cosy couch, chatting with other skaters, while watching skate-movies and having a nice cup of coffe from around the corner, they started the shop in 2013.
Now counting as one of the most credible skateshops in Munich. Simon told us about the importance of selling goods which aren’t made for mass production, but supporting articles of smaller companies made from skaters to skaters.
The awereness of sustainabilty is a certain fact within in the scene, but is not to be disposed yet. Especially the matter of expense is still a main reason why the usage of sustainable material is not positioned in every skaters mind yet. But as he tells us, cool ideas are on their way to change that missing link in the scene.


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