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19. November 2014

Impressions of Schmiede14 by Christopher Lewis

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I attended Schmiede14 in Hallein being part of the bike lab for the first time staying five days. The Saline itself with its different interesting spaces talking history impressed me from the beginning. Even more impressing was the way Smiths with various creative backgrounds from all over the world took a thousand chances to communicate and cooperate in different experimental ways. I instantly felt at home at Schmiede that, I guess, also accounts to the Schmiede motto this time: SelfAssembling. It showed, that creativity most likely happens in free mental spaces where time, rhythm, images form ideas without the expectation for them to be productive or effective. A world which, especially now, is asking for both economical and societal changes needs intercultural discourse like offered at Schmiede. These changes do not require, fixed plans, powerful politics, a lot of money or economical growth – we have enough of that. It needs loving people who have a passion for what they are doing. Among Smiths there are a lot of these people and they will spread the spirit, I am sure. Solely talking about the participants of the chilled bike lab: We supported each another in a special way and I have the feeling we made special friends for special projects and ideas in a special future. For me it was a pleasure and privilege to be there with you.











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