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19. November 2014

If they won’t do it, who will? – Rickard Engstrom

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In our seventh and last report about design in the Netherlands: Rickard Engstrom. Rickard just quit his job. And he’s overjoyed about it. Swedish Rickard Engstrom always tried to have an impact with whatever job he did. But his former jobs didn’t give him the satisfaction of improving anything, nor did his recent job in advertising. It was in pursuit of his advertisement career that he moved to Amsterdam, but to Rickard, advertising was still too much about “flogging the product, no matter how you do it”. He still didn’t feel like making any impact. That’s why he quit. Sustainability is getting bigger and bigger, according to Rickard, and more people are growing aware of it. But he wonders whether it has become more important for designers as well. After all, it’s up to designer and artists to take responsibility for finding new sustainable ways of doing things, Rickard says, “because if they don’t, who will?”

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

If they won’t do it, who will? – Rickard Engstrom from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.


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