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28. November 2014

Simon says

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For our first clip we interviewed Simon “Esel” Schöllhorn, co-founder of SHRN Skateshop, based in the heart of Munich. The team started out in 2004 as a blog for skaters & lifestyle in Munich. Figuring out, that there is no skateshop around, which fulfills their needs of hanging on a cosy couch, chatting with other skaters, while watching skate-movies and having a nice cup of coffe from around the corner, they started the shop in 2013.
Now counting as one of the most credible skateshops in Munich. Simon told us about the importance of selling goods which aren’t made for mass production, but supporting articles of smaller companies made from skaters to skaters.
The awereness of sustainabilty is a certain fact within in the scene, but is not to be disposed yet. Especially the matter of expense is still a main reason why the usage of sustainable material is not positioned in every skaters mind yet. But as he tells us, cool ideas are on their way to change that missing link in the scene.

25. November 2014

The Open Door meets the Nomadic Sculpture at MaximiliansForum

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Just two weeks after the very successful and pleasant vernissage of “Nomadic Sculpture – Episode IV: Moving underground” the next event is already in the pipeline. The Munich based creative collective “The Open Door” will organise an exhibition at the MaximiliansForum as part of Episode IV on Saturday, December 6. The Open Door will showcase the work of artists coming from or linked strongly to the skateboarding scene. The artists to be featured at the Maximiliansforum will be: Roberto Cuellar, Almaros, Laura Kaczmarek Photography, Leo Preisinger Fotografie, Conny Mirbach, Carl Wander, Holiday Life Co, SHRN and Michael Wiethaus.

Apart from the exhibition the skaters will also get the opportunity to skate the Nomadic Sculpture which will be illuminated by interactive projections particularly developed for this occasion by Genelabo and mayer+empl. The musical entertainment will be provided by Monaco Bass and the “Going local” design concept store of the creative platform Haeppi Piecis will present again both local sustainable products as well as the art works of the international artists Lisa Simpson, the collective GUMB, Onur Certigolu and Mac Krebernik.

Have a look at the full program (in German):

There are more events lined up within Episode IV: skate sessions, a lab to experiment with the sculpture for the skating community and a finissage on January 10. Once, all pics and videos taken have been screened, they will be posted in one of the next blogs.

24. November 2014

What’s the deal at Schmiede14? An artistic journey from confusion to creative fusion by Theresa Reiter

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Imagine a gigantic studio for all types of artists and performers, where equipment is always available and you are free to collaborate on any project you have in mind. Artistic heaven? No, it’s a reality. It’s called Schmiede.

It all started when „What’s The Deal?“ invited me to participate at Schmiede as a fashion designer. All I knew about Schmiede at that time, was that it is an annual event, bringing together about 300 artists and designers that focus on digital media and urban culture. These „Smiths“ get together for ten days in Hallein near Salzburg and set up their workspace in an old saline to network, experiment, collaborate and make art.

Knowing little more than that I made my way to Hallein and the Perner Insel, where the saline is located. The building complex itself consists of several factory segments added over time, creating a unique mixture of old industrial charm and spacious halls.

I was told there were three other fashion related artists, so I made it my first goal to find them. Not the easiest task, considering the size of the location. The space at Schmiede is set up on a first-come-first-serve basis. Wherever people found a free space or corner, they set up their creative camp.

After having found my colleagues for the week we set up our temporary sewing studio and invited every one interested in working with textiles, sewing and upcycling materials to work with us. Since sustainability is one of the key topics of „What’s The Deal?“, we decided to adopt that idea into our work and focus on different ways to incorporate upcycled materials into our projects.

At that point Schmiede had formed into a giant studio with little groups of Smiths working in similar fields, some having set up in a certain area, some wandering around.

While helping out several others with their projects who weren’t quite as familiar with a sewing machine, I started my own project, which was to interview different people with different professions and create custom backpacks for them, specially equipped for their needs. A dancer for example requires different features in his luggage than a skateboarder or a programmer.

It was then that I started to interact with and get to know the people around me and was immediately involved in several projects. These were realized over the next days and varied from costumes for performances over textile sculptures to a three-dimensional screen used for an interactive digital performance.

These days of getting to know each other, planning and making projects, regardless of whether they lie within ones field of expertise, felt like the most energetic time at Schmiede. It was then that the kitchen area and the bar turned into networking hubs where Smiths could approach each other and develop interdisciplinary creative concepts, that could never have taken place in the „real world“ as we began to call it, since Schmiede was more and more turning into its own world with its own dynamics and feel for time.

On September 20th, the last evening of Schmiede, the results of this creative fusion were shown and presented to the public. The range of artworks was nearly as divers as the range of Smiths. Interactive digital projections mixed with performance art and traditional craftsmanship.

Our textiles area presented different approaches on upcycling, including my backpack project. Having completed only one backpack in the end, I did not come as far as I had wished to, although the project has great potential and can be further developed after Schmiede. To me, the real success of these ten days were the projects that formed and came to life during Schmiede, as well as the social aspect of it.

I left Hallein having found new friends, new inspiration and a head full of ideas.



19. November 2014

If they won’t do it, who will? – Rickard Engstrom

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In our seventh and last report about design in the Netherlands: Rickard Engstrom. Rickard just quit his job. And he’s overjoyed about it. Swedish Rickard Engstrom always tried to have an impact with whatever job he did. But his former jobs didn’t give him the satisfaction of improving anything, nor did his recent job in advertising. It was in pursuit of his advertisement career that he moved to Amsterdam, but to Rickard, advertising was still too much about “flogging the product, no matter how you do it”. He still didn’t feel like making any impact. That’s why he quit. Sustainability is getting bigger and bigger, according to Rickard, and more people are growing aware of it. But he wonders whether it has become more important for designers as well. After all, it’s up to designer and artists to take responsibility for finding new sustainable ways of doing things, Rickard says, “because if they don’t, who will?”

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

If they won’t do it, who will? – Rickard Engstrom from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.

Impressions of Schmiede14 by Christopher Lewis

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I attended Schmiede14 in Hallein being part of the bike lab for the first time staying five days. The Saline itself with its different interesting spaces talking history impressed me from the beginning. Even more impressing was the way Smiths with various creative backgrounds from all over the world took a thousand chances to communicate and cooperate in different experimental ways. I instantly felt at home at Schmiede that, I guess, also accounts to the Schmiede motto this time: SelfAssembling. It showed, that creativity most likely happens in free mental spaces where time, rhythm, images form ideas without the expectation for them to be productive or effective. A world which, especially now, is asking for both economical and societal changes needs intercultural discourse like offered at Schmiede. These changes do not require, fixed plans, powerful politics, a lot of money or economical growth – we have enough of that. It needs loving people who have a passion for what they are doing. Among Smiths there are a lot of these people and they will spread the spirit, I am sure. Solely talking about the participants of the chilled bike lab: We supported each another in a special way and I have the feeling we made special friends for special projects and ideas in a special future. For me it was a pleasure and privilege to be there with you.










17. November 2014

Muslauf’s adventures in Hallein (and on their way to Munich)

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This will be a short post. Why? Because this entry features two documents that explain in detail about what happened to Muslaf team on their visit at Schmiede Hallein and on the ride to Munich.
For the inpatient, first there is a short video on what happene.
And for those who prefer to really go in depth, there is also an Issuu version of our fanzine. Even if you dont feel like reading, check out the amazing illustrations by Ajda Fortuna.

13. November 2014

Garden Mania – Desirée Hammen

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Desirée Hammens creative community garden is the focus of our sixth report on Dutch design. When Strijp-S, a former industrial site in Eindhoven, was opened to the public, designer Desirée Hammen knew what she had to do: to garden. The new inhabitants of the industrial site didn’t have a garden and didn’t know each other, and that is exactly what Desirée wanted to change. So she built Garden Mania: a creative community garden project. With her garden she raises awareness about health issues, and about the question where food actually comes from. It’s a place where new projects can grow and develop, and where creativity and sustainability are the main focus. But most of all, it’s a place where people can meet each other. After all, sustainability means taking care of the earth and of each other.

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

Garden Mania – Desirée Hammen from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.

6. November 2014

The “Nomadic Sculpture” goes into the fourth round – Episode IV: Moving Underground

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And it’s about time to provide more news about this upcoming event, the fourth one where the Nomadic Sculpture moves around the city to the selected urban spots. As announced in the last blog entry about the Nomadic sculpture – www.whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=756 – the Nomadic Sculpture will move underground to the MaximiliansForum, an art space in a pedestrian sub-passage in Munich, and adapt to this environment in a new shape. The sculpture will stay at that venue from Saturday, 22.11.14 to Saturday, 10.01.15 –  7 long weeks.
During that time period, the art space will be open to the public, but in particular to the skateboarders who will be allowed to skate the Nomadic Sculpture. The WTD team thinks that this will be particularly attractive for them, as places for skating during winter time are few to none in Munich. Another highlight will be interactive projections on the artistic sculpture.


An impression of the venue MaximiliansForum:


And this is an example what the projection could look like:



And there will be even more to see at MaximiliansForum during Episode IV: Moving Underground. This time the Nomadic Sculpture has teamed up with Haeppi Piecis Design Concept Store where local and international products will be shown and – hopefully – sold. The slogan is: Think global, act local! The store will not only show sustainable products from local designers, but also present the artwork related to sustainability by the international guest artists from Villa Waldberta, the international artist-in-residence house of the City of Munich.(more info about the artists: whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=698).


The event will start with an opening on September 22. This is the planned program:


16:00 – 19:00

Assisted by Skateboarding München e.V. the skater community will get the big opportunity to test the functionality of our ‘Nomadic Sculpture’ and to show its special skills! Their performances will be surrounded by an interactive projection mapping on the sculpture by Gene (Doublevisions) and mayer+empl to the background music played by Dj Larry Frenoga (Jazz-Funk-Soul-Gala).



The official opening of the event will take place. The very unique Design Concept Store : ‘Going local’ will be presented which offers not only fashion and accessories but also delicacies and interior decorationproduced sustainably in and around Munich. On top of that the artistical work of the young artists Lisa Simpson (São Paulo), Onur Ceritoğlu (Istanbul) und Collective GUMB (Ljubljana) created during their stay at Villa Walberta, the international artist residence of the City of Munich will be presented.



A live rap performance by the rather well-known Roger Rekless will inspire the audience.



Fantastic DJ performances managed by Dj ’Larry Frenoga’ (Jazz-Funk-Soul-Gala) will round off the Vernissage.

Have a look at the full program (in German) :

Flyer Nomadic Sculpture - Episode IV

And there will be more events during the weeks after the opening. The next one is planned for November 6 at the MaximiliansForum: The Open-Door-Exhibition. But this is another story. Watch out for the next blog on the Nomadic Sculpture.



5. November 2014

Designing for the other 90% – Luc van Hoeckel & Pim van Baarsen

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In our fifth video report: young social designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen. Why work for the meager 10% who can afford to buy design, if you can also make a difference for the other 90%? That is what product designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen are aiming for. Solving problems and making life easier is what makes work interesting for these designers. Since Europe is already awash with designers, they venture to developing countries to find creative solutions for local problems. Exchanging knowledge and cooperation are central in their style of work. According to them, sustainability is coming towards our current needs without harming future generations. Designers have the task to explain to consumers what the word ‘sustainability’ actually means, now that is has become such a popular word.

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

Designing for the other 90% – Luc van Hoeckel & Pim van Baarsen from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.


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