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22. October 2014

Young designers vs. big companies – Michael Schoner

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Already the third report from our Dutch design research. Today a different voice from 3D designer Michael Schoner. Living in a throw-away society, nothing is designed to last a long time. Does it even matter? Architect turned 3D designer Michael Schoner doubts it. He is German but has been living in Amsterdam for nine years now. In his designs, he explores anything that has to do with 3D, geometry, rhythm or space. Sustainability is not one of his priorities; in fact, he even challenges the idea that young designers can oppose the big companies that set the rules of the industry. Michael Schoner himself for example has designed one chair that is being produced by a sustainable company, but he wonders whether that really makes a difference. The big companies produce so much compared to the young sustainable designers, that it isn’t worth it to take on the “big boys”.

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

Young designers vs. big companies – Michael Schoner from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.


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