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29. October 2014

The new modernism – Willa Stoutenbeek

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In the fourth part of our research about Dutch design: Willa Stoutenbeek. After ten years of working in the fashion industry, Willa Stoutenbeek was fed up with its superficiality and started focusing on sustainability. She founded W.Green: a creative communication agency for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. To her, it is important that the brands and products she works are driven to improve things. Relevance is her key word: if a product is useable, high quality and esthetical it’s relevant and therefore sustainable. Willa sees sustainability as the new modernism and relevance as its criteria. Since it is hard to make a product that is 100% sustainable, you need to focus on the steps where you can make a difference, she thinks. “After all, it is possible to make a difference if you reunite and collectively decide that you don’t accept the things as they happen.”

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam. You can read more about the research in the Art Intervention designreport (ENG) by Amal Al Haag.

The new modernism – Willa Stoutenbeek from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.


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