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16. October 2014

Re-imagining Design Processes – Borre Akkersdijk

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Today, we are bringing you the second report from our Design research with wunderkind Borre Akkersdijk. How a product comes into being is the single most important thing, according to the designer. Besides the final product itself, of course. That is why his design process doesn’t start with “buying nice fabric and cutting a pattern,” but way before: with the way the product is made. Borre then tackles every step of the production process himself, from the machine, the material to the final creation. Even though sustainability isn’t the very first thing that occupies him when he is designing, it is something he always bears in mind. According to Borre, sSustainability should be considered normal in the production process: “As a designer, you can raise awareness that sustainability should in fact be considered that way: as a normal component of the design process.”

In the beginning of 2015 Coolpolitics/Lokaalmondiaal will be curating an extensive program on design and sustainability in Amsterdam.

Re-imagining Design Processes – Borre Akkersdijk from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.


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