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22. September 2014

Pici Bici – A new video

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Here comes a new video about Ljublana’s bike scene.

Pici bici, this quirky bike little boutique on Celovška in Ljubljana first existed only as a web-store. But they have recently joined forces with Musverks bike shop and together they have moved into the Muslauf HQ. Hand in hand they form a homely DIY place where many urban bikers feel at home, socialize and sometimes just hang out a bit. It is not only a store + shop combination but rather a place for the community, a place where new bikes get devised, and old ones re-imagined, information within the community gets passed along and new trips are planned.
In the video people behind Pici Bici explain their view of Ljublana’s young bike scene which every day evolves in front of their eyes. We also get to learn why they started the store and get a bit of an insight about the schism of aesthetics vs. functionality when it comes to bikes.

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene 4/5: 4-5 PiciBici – Bicycyle boutique (DIY & Style vs. Function)


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