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9. September 2014

Musguard – the second video in the series

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It has been a week after the premiere of the first video in the series on Ljubljana’ bike scene. Here comes a new episode:

Fixies, these carefully assembled bikes, reduced to the essence of bicycleness, can be found almost anywhere around the globe. A large and world-spread community of enthusiasts inevitably means there is a market of noticeable size. But for the aficionados, not unlike in any other sub-culture, an aura of authenticity of the products on the market can be of even greater importance than their actual usability or price. Not that making a working and sleek product is unimportant, but being in touch with the needs of the scene and respecting its ethos is indeed critical when designing it. That is also why the sub-cultural scenes often prefer individuals or one-man brands like Jurij Lozić of Musguard to the out-of-touch marketing campaigns by the corporate world.

Jurij designed a rollable and quickly removable fender, which is successfully targeting the needs of the riders that love their stripped-to-the-bones bikes. In our new video he explains how he, now not only as a rider, but also as a designer and a business person, perceives the questions of business, authenticity and sustainability.

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene – 2/5 Musguard Fender (Business, authenticity & sustainability)

Oh, and to give you some background on Jurij, here is also the video to introduce Musguard.


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