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8. September 2014

How does it feel to be a Nomadic Sculpturer?

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WTD Nomadic Sculpture Episode II – Candidplatz 2014 from What’s the deal? on Vimeo.

Well i never used quotes to begin a blogpost but i needed a new way of beginning to motivate myself. So i went on an average american website which assembles famous quotes and i found this one which gave me the motivation i was longing for:

It’s from Margaret Mead, who has been an american cultural antropologist back in the 60’ies and 70’ies. It’s been told that her investigations over the sexual behaviour of local cultures in the south pacific were kind of a firestarter for the sexual revolutions in those days. Now here’s the quote of this important scientologist, which moved me:

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”.

This quote straightened me up. It’s so true and everyone for shure knows this – wether you believe it or not: in the deepest part of our human consciousnes we know this! It were always the few curagious people who changed things. Sometimes it were maniacs who once leaded (or still lead) a change also in a very cruesome and unhuman way, but it always were a few.

When you accomplish such a project, you are confronted with many interesting reactions. In this neoliberal phase of human history you are confronted with a lot of sceptic critics, immediately when you get active to implement a new idea that bases on “sustainability”. a lot of people mention, that no one can hear this word anymore. I think it is because there is no place in here for a authentic idealistic thought. Idealistic thoughts are used for representative purposes. If this is not your priority you will get funny reactions. You know why? Because you mean it! And if you mean it then you will be willing to change the priorities of this society. What is the priority of this society? The moment i ask this question the reader has it already in mind so i don’t even have to spell it. You see?

If you are serious with your idealistic thoughts you become a dangerous element for all those who just are content with complaining about this crazy world and with claiming that they can’t understand why it is so. But in the meantime most of us accept the defaults which are given by this postmodern society and feel the duty to accord to them everday. For example: accepting money as a undispensible element of our daily life and obey the rules which i have to accept if i want to achieve a moneybased wealthy life. So we all have to accept that we all are part of global destruction.

The European Union which gives us the support to accomplish this wonderful project for example is based on an economical system which accords strictly to the rules of a global money market. And Europe is a wealthy continent. So it is kind of normal that a lot of europeans would not even think about changing this system. Why should we? We live in a region where most inhabitants of this world would love to live! Thousands and thousands of people risk their lives to reach this peace of earth, where the fundamentals where drawn for the success of a harsh economical system which is known as material based. But if you look at the developement of the global markets you soon will realize that it looses any logical and resumable connection to reality and so on and so on… i don’t want to bore you with this issue. Tehre is enough Literature you can read about this (for example Noam Chomsky: “Profit over People, Neoliberalism and Global Order”, Seven Stories Press, New York 1999).

You may ask now (and this is a question i read in the eyes of a lot sceptics the last days): what is your purpose with a Nomadic Sculpture then? What do you try to say whith this?  I answered this question a lot of times and it takes a lot of time to go through it because every answer awakens new questions. The questions go stakkato like a machine gun. And your answers go so too. Some say: if you have to explain it so long this project is not well prepared!

But after a lot of questioning i realized that it is impossible to explain this project with a few words. You know why? Because it doesn’t work like an advertising clip. Because it is working completely diverse to postmodern marketing strategies and marketing behaviours. It is based on complete different priorities than the ones we are used to from the very beginning of our lives. We are grown in a material world in which most of us are born as a customer who will work hard to achive¬† a pseudomaterial standardized exchange medium which we all call money. And with this money (which mostly contains of 0’s and 1’s on a digital bank account) we will make our living. It needs a fundamental change of my long-term-trained peronal values to accept this project not only as a funny kids game but to accept it as a project that could be a small part of a soft reformation which can work on a long term to really change the small-term values we all are forced to live in.

That’s the moment it get’s funny though. And that’s why we do this! We want to have fun for the achievement of which we don’t have finance huge redundant ecosystems! We want to see the urban landscape from different angles. We want to investigate our urban and social environment.

Depending on my cultural background, my age, my social background i could have various desires. As a kid grown up in a postmodern urban society i could have the desire to be dressed real cool, to own one or more skateboards, listen to indie music and go skateboarding with my friends. This could define my identity.

If sometime in the future a young kid in the well developed western world can do all these things without thinking primarily about money, then we can say that the Nomadic Sculpture has reached it’s goal. Kids in other parts of the world “can not even think about money” because their parents never had money. They have to improvise with the waste around them and build their toys out of it. That’s why it’s strange when you have all opportunities but you although built a skateable sculpture out of orban trash. Now that’s the reason why our sculpture looks a bis displaced – just a strange piece of art placed on wasted urban space which enables a lot of fun and produces question marks in the minds and the hearts of the people.

Above you saw the video clip that our friend Mehmet Birinci has made during our Episode II on Candidplatz in Munich from 26’th to 29’th of june. We had the pleasure to welcome Almir Jusovic from Slovenia as a artist in residency who represents a group of skateboard artists who try to go new ways in riding a skateboard. Almir is also a sculptor and producer of creative objects made out of waste material.

Candidplatz is a rather undifined place containing a basketball court and a skatepark. The least is nearly unusable due to the bad conditions of the ground. This place is mostly used by the inhabitants of the area in order to pass throug on the way to the nearby metro station. We changed the athmosphere of this urban wasteland for a few days but it was too short. “Such things should happen more often here” was a quote we heared often from passers by.

The next event will happen at Willy-Brandt-Platz in Messestadt Riem – downhome Munich from 11’th to 13’th of september:


Tuncay Acar (Munich WTD)


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