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9. September 2014

DESIGN:Lab Reinventing material with Marjanne van Helvert & Janett Sumbera

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Introducing one of our SchmiedeLabs in collaboration with WTD

This DesignLab is about reinventing textile materials. The fashion industry is a controversial world where stories and facts about exploitation, pollution and waste have become standard. What are the alternatives? What is possible in times of economic crisis? What are the new technological opportunities? What are the effects on aesthetics and style?


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Marjanne van Helvert is a textile designer and writer from the Netherlands. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Textile Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from the Radboud University Nijmegen. She works according to her Dirty Design philosophy which involves the ethical side of design into the aesthetical side and considers the impact of material, labor, technique and form on both social and natural environment.



Janett Sumbera war Tänzerin, etwa in der Compagnie von Jean-Yves Ginoux in Paris. Die im Tanz entwickelte Suche nach perfekten Formen für individuellen Ausdruck führte zur Entwicklung von Kostümdesigns und Ausstattungen für Theater und Event, zu Installationen und Performances, und schließlich zum Label SUMBERA – upcyclingKleidung.



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