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24. June 2014

Nomadic Sculpture – first pics

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The Munich WTD has worked hard during the last weeks to build the nomadic sculpture. Almost all material used (wooden boards as well as hinges) are the remains of a torn-down building. Here are first impressions of what the sculpture will or could look like at the upcoming event at Candidplatz in Munich. Kilian Gerle from the team is testing the skateability.


Nomadic Sculpture - Candidplatz  Nomadic Sculpture 2

Anyone interested in seeing or testing the Nomadic Sculpture in its current version should come to the event at Candidplatz in Munich from 26 – 29 June, 2014. For details and the programme see Nomadic Sculpture – Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules

More pics of the production process: Production of Nomadic Sculpture – Episode II


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