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24. June 2014

Nomadic Sculpture – first pics

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The Munich WTD has worked hard during the last weeks to build the nomadic sculpture. Almost all material used (wooden boards as well as hinges) are the remains of a torn-down building. Here are first impressions of what the sculpture will or could look like at the upcoming event at Candidplatz in Munich. Kilian Gerle from the team is testing the skateability.


Nomadic Sculpture - Candidplatz  Nomadic Sculpture 2

Anyone interested in seeing or testing the Nomadic Sculpture in its current version should come to the event at Candidplatz in Munich from 26 – 29 June, 2014. For details and the programme see Nomadic Sculpture – Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules

More pics of the production process: Production of Nomadic Sculpture – Episode II

23. June 2014

Re: Cycle Workshop Series Closes – Mini Report

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At Kino Šiška we have wrapped-up the series of our two-day creative recycling workshops led by Petra Gosenca and Jurij Bobič of the GUMB Association for Fostering Creative Thinking and Living. 45 participants ages from 15 to 40 were exploring how various waste materials (usually labelled rubbish) can be reused creatively to make a series of unique and individual creations, the value of which is in being usable as well as aesthetic and communicative.

Workshops were based on the DIY principle. By means of collecting and reusing waste materials creatively, this educational, ecological and ethical design project seeks alternative options to solve the issue of waste and the polluted living environment, while also encouraging individuals towards a positive attitude to recycling as well as ecologically responsible and engaged conduct.

At the first of the workshops in April, participants were using scrap cardboard packaging and paper to make elaborate chandeliers of various shapes and sizes that can embellish any kind of room. The workshops in May were dedicated to creative remake and reuse of waste cycling inner tubes, resulting in durable, water resistant and handy bags for everyday use. The two-day recycling workshop in June saw the participants use scrap cardboard to make useful and complex items of furniture of diverse sizes.
3_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(05) 3_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(04) 3_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(03) 3_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(02) 3_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(01) 2_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(05) 2_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(04) 2_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(02) 2_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(03) 2_recycle_photo_polona_erzen(01) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (07) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (06) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (04) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (05) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (03) 1_recycle_photo_urska_boljkovac (02) Re: Cycle Workshop series

18. June 2014

DIY Skateparks / Ghetto Spots

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It all started out  in 1990  with a perfect location under the east end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon. A group of the local skateboard community started out building their own public skatepark without any permission and approval of the competent supervisory authority. Within the years, the city would eventually see the potential of the park, and in 1998 it was finally granted legal by the public authority. This park shall go down in history as a renegade for DIY-skatepark construction.


DIY Spot

“Like a magnifying glass in the sun, Burnside can witness a concentration of skill level unmatched anywhere.  You can see crazy, crazy things there.  Go, watch, learn, be humbled, excited and inspired.  It is amazing.”  http://www.skateoregon.com/Burnside/Burnside.html


The Burnside bowl counts as a pioneer under the DIY-parks. Ever since this inspiration, DIY- or ghetto-spots bloom all over the world and can be explored in all corners of this globe.

A nice example for innovative DIY-skatearchitecture in Europe ist the so called “2er” park in Hannover/Germany. It continuously is extended and offers space for artistic and creative action in every manner. The park is more or less thought as an open paricipation-project and as a spot for building “social sculptures” as the “2er Skate-association” declares.

Watch this inspiring video of the building of “2er”:  2er Skatpark

It is a long time coming to find something similar to this in Munich. Even though there are plenty of opportunities to skate in Munich, the ONE spot is still missing out, where skaters have room for development of a combined creative prospect of ramps, curves or whatever you can think of. As one of the most eligible spots for building a DIY-spot in Munich counts the back section oft the parking lot under the bridge called „Donnersberger Brücke“. Just as Burnside in Portland, this spot would be roofed and pretty much skateable to every season and weather condition of the year. Due to limited options as it is right now, this spot is unfortunately not very highly frequented throughout the year.

The space under the Donnersberger Brücke would be a perfect spot to overwinter the Nomadic Sculpture, if it wasn’t a private parking lot. But who knows? Maybe the Nomadic Sculpture could be the start of the first DIY-spot in Munich, as long as the city keeps their wrecking ball on hold.

Before fiction becomes reality, the guys of the Munich based skateshop „SHRN“ appropriated the problem of skate-prohibition on certain public spaces and rebuilt a certain part of the court house in Munich. This spot counts as an ideal spot to skate but is just impossible to do so, since security is pretty much aware of the perfectness of the spot to skaters. To skate the spot anyhow, was a goal the guys of “SHRN” wanted to fulfill. So they rebuilt the exact spot out of wood and set it up on the annual skate contest “Munich BE(A)ST”, where the local skaters could finally dedicate this famous spot.



On the weekend of June 27th/28th the second episode of the What’s the deal? project will take place at Candidplatz in Munich. There you will have the chance to see or sakte the Nomadic Sculpture for the first time, which is only built out of sustainable material.

11. June 2014

WTD Munich ready to move to the next level – Nomadic Sculpture Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules

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The Munich WTD-team has not remained idle since the last event at Max-Joseph-Platz in April (http://whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=276). On the contrary: Philip, Matt, Kilian, Tuncay and the rest of the crew have been busy with planning the construction of the nomadic sculpture.

Miniature models of the nomadic sculpture were built to test what the modules should look like, how they could be constructed out of reused wood (from a torn-down roof – but this is another story) and other recycling material, and how they could be combined to make it a skateable sculpture. Mails and comments went forward and backward between the crew members, until the concept was finalized. Quite some effort! But also combined with fun.


And now is the time to build the first modules, as only 2 weeks are left before the first public appearance of the sculpture. All available hands will be needed to build and construct the modules necessary for the sculpture’s first variation. Help will also come from the skater artist Almir Jusovic from Ljubljana who is doing a one-month residency at the Ebenböckhaus and is ready to connect to WTD.

The Nomadic Sculpture will not only be presented from June 26 to June 29 during Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules at the Candidplatz in Munich, but will be ready to be used as skateable obstacle. Let’s see who will dare to do so. Moreover, the local initiatives “Kulturjurte München”, “update. jung & erwachsen” of the Munich City Library and “HIGH FIVE e.V.” together with “SchlaU-Schule” have joined forces with the WTD-team to create and offer a diversified cultural programme on young urban cultures and sustainability during those 4 days.

Have a look at the programme (in German).

The flyer and the description how to get to the location:   Episode II: The Arrival of the Modules

The programme in detail


12.00 h – 20.00 h

Befahren der Nomadic Sculpture

Wanderfreiraum Kulturjurte

WTD-Infotisch: Alles Wichtige zum Projekt

Essen und Trinken im WTD Minibiergarten (Café Kosmos)
Musikalische Grundversorgung durch die
WTD-Dj’s: Resident Süperfly (Süper Stereo, Funk-Exotica)

Do. 26.06.14

15.00 h – 17.00 h

Skateworkshop des HIGH FIVE e.V. mit Jugendlichen der SchlaU Schule

16.00 h

Eröffnungskonzert mit der “Express Brass Band”
Münchens bunt gemischte Brassband begeistert ihr Publikum mit einem Repertoire an Jazz, Soul, Funk, Oriental, Balkan und Afro. www.expressbrassband.de

Anschließend – 20.00 h

Dj Georg Milz (Outhere Records, Afro, Brasil, Urban)

Fr. 27.06.14

12.00 h – 18.00 h

Tausch dich glücklich: Kleidertausch am Candidplatz als Statement gegen Überkonsum.
Mitgebracht werden können gut erhaltene und gewaschene Kleidungsstücke aller Art sowie Schuhe und Accessoires (mindestens ein Teil !). Keine Anmeldung erforderlich.

Ein Beitrag der Münchner Stadtbibliothek / update. jung & erwachsen

15.00 h – 17.00 h

Skateworkshop des HIGH FIVE e.V. mit Jugendlichen der SchlaU Schule

16.00 h – 20.00 h

Dj Sept (Beats, Hop & Funk)

Sa. 28.06.14

12.00 h – 20.00 h

Modulbauworkshop: Das WTD-Team baut mit Euch aus recycltem Material ein Modul der Nomadic Sculpture. Bitte anmelden bei: matt@unitedskateboardartists.com

12.00 h – 20.00 h

Präsentation der Initiative „Create your voice“ von Annalu & Chavez (im WTD Container): www.createyourvoice.org

16.00 h

Livekonzert: Annalu & Chavez

Frisch angekommen aus Südamerika tragen die beiden Singer/Songwriter ihr vielsprachiges und musikalisch vielseitiges Programm vor.

Anschließend – 20.00 h

Dj Larry Frenoga

So. 29.06.14

12.00 h – 20.00 h

Modulbauworkshop: Das WTD-Team baut mit Euch aus recycltem Material ein Modul der Nomadic Sculpture. Bitte anmelden bei: matt@unitedskateboardartists.com

14.00 h – 18.00 h

Dj Dr. Getdown (Feelgoodselection, Rare Funk&Hip Hop, strictly vinyl)

18.00 h

Livekonzert: Oansno

Volksmusik-Mix mit bayrischer Mundart: Reggae, Landler, Balkan, Techno, Dreigsang, Blues. www.oansno.at

And not to forget the WTD-Container which is not only the storage space for the sculpture but also one of the venues.

Let’s hope the weather will join forces with us for an interesting event.

By the way: After Episode II, the Nomadic Sculpture will continue to develop and move on its  „nomadic hike“ through Munich being customized to its environment at each stop. More to come! Stay tuned!


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