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21. April 2014

What happened at Max-Joseph-Platz?

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That’s just one of a bunch of questions that come to one’s mind by hearing the impressive name of this square which is located very near to the city center of Munich? What happened here once? What is happening here now? Who is the guy sitting on top of this massive base greeting the public dressed in a royal gown? It must be an important historical person! As a tourist i could pass it by take some pictures of the monumental buildings in the back (State Opera, National Theater, Royal Residence etc.) and go on with the journey. It seems to be a representative place in the City Center – similar to a lot of central squares all around the world.
Well, to be honest: it was this kind of stereotype image that made us choose this square for Episode 1 of Nomadic Sculpture. First of all it was an amazing fact, that nearly no one in the team new the name of the square although most of them were all native born Monacians. This shows that it’s massive representative monumental structure doesn’t really reach it’s goal.
This leads us to the next question: What is the main function of this place? At the moment it seems rather to be a huge square the people just pass by on their way to the theater. Just a few people step on the central square. Mainly tourists, less natives. For years the smooth surface of the approach roads around the monumental square made this place a beloved skatespot, but of course this is forbidden. Instead billion tons of high class expensive cars are using them to reach into the save underground car park which is situated right under the square.
So we found it quite interesting to start our Nomadic Sculpture project here. And while we already decided to start Episode 1 with a public interview the idea was likely to start this series of interviews right here. We wanted to start Episode 1 by asking specific questions to the public, in order to gather input and ideas for our whole project from the people.
So we decided to do it like the big marketing agencies: “we want to get as much information about the individual as we can get!”. To achieve this we put interview teams together which we recruited out of the cities scholars-essembly – charming and clever youngsters who led the people through the interview process.

Now it was time for our question marks (http://whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=219). We positioned them on 3 different places on the square in order to make questions visible before they were even asked – just as a visualization of a potential need for them. And it worked out fine! It seemed like this visualization inspired the people to ask. So they came and asked curious questions and so we could answer their questions with our own ones! That was fun!

What we did was following:
The main purpose was to get as much participants for the interviews as possible. For this we built up a set of activities to receive public attention. We built up a bar, a sound system with good music from local bands and dj’s , positioned our container which served as a art workshop and a cinema in the evenings. Our interview teams then started to pick up the curious passers by to involve them charmingly into the interviews.

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We asked questions about:
1. The identity and it’s relations to certain products.A skateboarders vision on Max-Joseph-Platz
2. The personal habits concerning upcycling, recycling of personal belongings.
3. The most important: questions about the personal relation to this specific public space, the very very private and personal visions and wishes one has concerning the usage of this place. We asked the question: “Look, a skateboarders dream about this place would be this. what would be yours?”. And of course we asked them, whether they know the name of this place and about the identity of the guy depicted in the huge central monument.

Well first of all i will quench your thurst about this central question: the guy depicted here is “Maximilian I. Maria Michael Johann Baptist Franz de Paula Joseph Kaspar Ignatius Nepomuk” (* 27. Mai 1756 in Schwetzingen / Mannheim; † 13’th October 1825 in Munich), King of Bavaria from 1805 to 1813. Well the most surprising fact was: most of the interviewpartners neither knew that guy nor the name of the square although a lot of them declared to pass this place frequently (most of them were Munich residents and a few of them were regular visitors of the national opera).

At least this showed us that the question marks were well placed here.

As we explained in the article before, we plan to include all the input we received from the people (total amount of interviews done: around 100) into the further development of our project “Nomadic Sculpture” and “From Space to Place to Utopia”. But first of all we wanted act differently like all the marketing agencies by giving something back to the people who invested time and energy to answer all that questions. The interview forms were brought to our artists who created quickly done “personal giveaway artwork” for every filled interview form – and those individual artwork we handed out to all the participants (they will be worth a fortune after a few years!).

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To have a better view please go to our Flickr-page!

Production of silkscreen patterns on cardboard: Matt Wiegele
Artists who produced the artwork: Rosanna Schumacher (http://www.mitrosa.de/), Serena Ferrario (http://www.serenaferrario.de/), Steffi Müller
& Klaus Dietl (http://www.ragtreasure.de/), Cordula Schieri.
Art direction of the project "Nomadic Sculpture": Philip Metz (http://www.philipmetz.de)

17. April 2014

Creative Lab – Artist-in-Residencies in Munich – 2 open calls

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From October to December 2014 the Villa Waldberta, the international artist residence of the City of Munich, Germany, will mutate into a “Creative Lab” as part of our project WTD. The house will host international artists, designers, scientists, creatives etc. who are interested in becoming involved in WTD and who will produce art work, concepts, products, etc. related to WTD’s theme: sustainability and young urban cultures as well as the Do-it-Yourself approach. All work created will be presented during the Urban Cultures Summit in 2015, the final event of the project.

There are 2 open calls as of today:

  • one is for artists, designers, scientists, creatives, etc. willing to create work related to the WTD themes
  • one is for artists creating utopian visions of selected urban spots

Deadline for application: May 31

Does this raise your interest or do you know of someone who might want to use this great opportunity? Then have a look at the links and distribute the calls accordingly.

Call for artist in residency Creative Lab

Call for artist in residency FSPU (=From Space to Place to Utopia)


A few impressions of our first event of „What’s the deal?“ in Munich a week ago

This is Villa Waldberta – a great place with a relaxed atmosphere


10. April 2014

WTD Munich – Preparing Nomadic Sculpture Episode I: “The 3 question marks”

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Now what did we do with all the trash wood? First of all we thought a lot. To own loads of woodblocks which costed nothing makes you think a lot. What did we think about? We thought about our sculpture. As you could see in our first posts we spent a lot of time on the planning of the modules of the sculpture (http://whatsthedeal.eu/blog/?p=99).

But now it came to the action. The first episode of our project went closer and we decided not to have all the modules of the sculpture complete yet. Why? Because we want it to be organic. We want to develop by itself. It shall grow part by part and adapt itself to it’s environment.

There were facts to face:

The first spot is in the city center – a very highly frequented place. Why not using this spot to gather some input for the further development? Yes! We want to ask questions to the public! How do people see their environment? Do they know where they are? Do they know something about the place they step on? Do they relate to it? How do they act and move in urban space? Do they wish something special on this certain place? Do they have a personal view on it? Do they have an own claim to it?

We want to ask them such things. And lot more. So we can use those inputs for the further development of our sculpture.

But how to do it? We decided to do it like all the big companies do: we form promo-action teams who involve the people in our process, invite them to a trip over the place and ask them certain questions on certain question points which should be marked by huge question marks made out of waste wood.  So we planned them and we constructed them:

Production of the question marks:

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Mounting of the question marks on top of half ton concrete weights which also serve as points:
Production of the question marks:

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Also we found a perfect transport vehicle, workshop and event location in one object: a container that we lent from a friend who is specialized on heavy vehicles, old trucks etc.. A result of consulting the creative network. It couldn’t be used because of a burning damage. We recycled it. Advantage: we made metal trash usable, we can mofify it as we wish and can keep the costs low. Most of all: it’s style fits perfect to our project. Here you can see the whole process of cleaning, preparing the surfaces, painting, implementing a window and moving it to our first spot – Max-Joseph-Platz with a truck:

Please specify a Flickr ID for this gallery

So what are we going to?

From 10’th till 12’th of April we will examine our first event called “Nomadic Sculpture Episode I: the 3 question marks”.

Creatives and artists from our network will use the container as a production workshop. The team consists of: Rosanna Schumacher, Serena Ferrario,Klaus Dietl and Stephanie Müller (Slittergruppe).

They will produce small artwork in which they will include all the input that the passers by provide us during the question process. The 3 question marks will serve as stations to mark the different stages and the different question topics. Teams of helpers will guide the people through the questions and at the end the participiant will get a artfull present for all his/her efforts.

Live bands, dj’s, performances, movie screenings will accomplish the programm of the e days. Meanwhile we will work on the modules of the sculpture and try them out with local skateboarders. A bar organized by the team of Munich’s top bistro Bonvaleur will help us to keep fresh and loungy.


8. April 2014

Mural Arts Residency – Pallo Ollap from Finland chosen as artist-in-residence

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Kino Šiška will be holding an international artist-in-residence programme. To fill the position in 2014, the Finnish artist Pallo Ollap has been chosen from among the 24 artist applications.

Pallo Ollap is a student of applied arts and design at Aalto University, Helsinki. He works in illustration and painting, mostly for fun, but occasionally also to make a living. For more than a decade, he has been active in street art; his murals can be seen and admired on the streets of several Finnish cities.

The artist-in-residence programme in Ljubljana will be held in July 2014. During this period, the artist will create a unique mural in the city centre.
Stay tuned for more information.


4. April 2014

SCHMIEDE APPLICATION 2014, SelfAssembling, 11. – 21. September

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Every year an abandoned industrial salt refinery on an island in Hallein, Austria opens up to around 300 Smiths and their ideas. We physically gather in order to get inspired, network, create, present and share. Schmiede provides a basic cooperative prototyping environment and an infrastructure full of impulses and passionate people.

When: 11.-21. September 2014
Where: Pernerinsel in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria.
Cost Participation: 50Eur
Application closes: 30th May
Application confirmation: 15th June
Age limit: 18+

Schmiede phases:

Day 1 – Arrival and first presentation day
Day 2 – Impulse: SchmiedeTalks
Day 3 + 4 – Impulse and Learning: SchmiedeLabWorkshopDays
Day 5 – Relax, share and network
Day 6 + 8 – WorkPhase
Day 7 – SchmiedeWorkShow sign up day. The plan for the Workshow must be finalized.
Day 8 – Setting up, testing and cleaning up what is not needed on Saturday.
Day 8 – SalzburgMediaArtAward will be presented followed by SmithPerformances.
Day 9 – SchmiedeWorkShow day (will be hectic).
Day 10 – Last Breakfast und Auf Wiedersehen


more information on Schmiede




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