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22. February 2014

What the heck is a Nomadic Sculpture?

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Well, hello people it’s Tuncay (Munich WTD-Team)

I just wanted to say hello to you about “What’s the deal?” and of course tell you a story. In Munich we formed the local team and are just working on the plans of our Nomadic Sculpture as you can see. “We” are: Matt, Kilian, Philip, Mixen, Kiesi, Raphaela, Marlen and Marcus. But there are also a few other guys who support us. Well what do we mean with a Nomadic Sculpture?

Tananaaaaaaaa – here is the answer:

Nomadic Sculpture:
A transportable, but not “branded”, skateable sculpture made out of recycled material.

To dispose a mobile and skateable scuplture in open space, we will pick out  5 spots in different locations in Munich.  To choose the right spots, certain facts like size, location, and the “potential of being a spot” through the eyes of skaters are basic elements. The object is going to be called “Nomadic Sculpture” and will be assembled at the implied spots. The whole process will begin in spring 2014. The sculpture will change its location monthly including 4 days of installation/dismantling. By selecting the materials, we will put our focus on recycled and used materials. The sculpture is not a fixed huge komplex structure, but more likely consisting out of many singular modules which can be combined with each other. An overseas container is the important part of the project. We will be able to store the modules and all our necessities in it while they are not used. On the other half the container will serve as a eventspace during the active project phases.

Ideally, the nomadic sculpture will overwinter in an open space, where skaters can use it as a temporary alternative to a public skate hall. At the moment we are in contact with the Darwin Project in Bordeaux which is interested to act as a host for our sculpture during the winter. In 2015 (May or June), the Nomadic Sculpture is going to be a component of the final event of the project which is planned to be placed in the designated “creative quarter”.

Throughout the tour within the city, the sculpture will be developed further and further and customized to its environment.

On our first stage – Max-Josephs-Platz in the city center in Munich (April 2014) we will simply arrange an information- and an enquiry desk. All stations will be supplied with a stand-up display in form of a question mark. The question mark is  supposed to be the graphic key-element of the whole project and should serve as a symbol for the project which will appear in a large-sized  manner. The symbol is intended to question the urban spaces – in which we remain in our everyday lives – in its functionality.

In this case the question marks indicate the locations in the sense of an eclectic urban sensation, which can be considered and used differently by every individual (e.g. a step, a stair-rail, a bench etc.). The question, which now will be asked to the pedestrians, is: “Here, a skater would do the following. What would you choose to do with this space? With these collections of answers and ideas we will have numerous possibilities of usage for certain urban areas, which will play a major roll of the entire project in Munich.

So, the work of art is not only the sculpture, but also contains the entire process of the “nomadic hike” through the city, which will be provided by content discourse and an agile cultural framework program. We will try to find a spot for the last location, where the sculpture can stay the whole winter.

In the skate scene logos are omnipresent: the brands court for attention and the sponsor logos are printed onto ramps and skate parks. To break through this labeling, we will paint the skateable sculpture plain white without branding it nor to supply it with fictitious logos. Skate shows, workshops and a cultural framework program will make sure, that the attention of the subject matter of an urban waste land is drawn to a broad public. The mobile artwork will be displayed at a variety of unused public spaces in Munich.

In the first step we are planning the actions on Max-Joseph-Platz. Kilian Gerle, Max Häring, Tuncay Acar and Matt Wiegele figure out the constructions.

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