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22. February 2014

Looking for trash at ISPO 2014

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How to find material for our Nomadic Sculpture according to our philosophy?

We will find it at the trashyards of our hard consuming society! For this we ask fairconstructors etc. who often enough have a lot of material to give away as we could figure it out. We visit fairs and ask people at the stands if they can offer us some parts of their temporary constructions. And of course we visited the ISPO (international main exhibition for sport business) in Munich and were quite surprised.

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Are brands acting sustainable in the means of reusing stand structures ?
Hey – what do you think? Of course they do!!! First of all we have to say, that many brands who presented themselves already started to fit to our philosophy. Not less stands were built with used material – for example euro palettes and reused chipboards etc.. A lot of the stand workers we asked at least “told” us that they could give us nothing because they reuse all of the material. That sounded surprising but we liked that attitude! (of course we found a lot more usable trash than we could take with our small bus at the end – but that’s another story, hehe).

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Are brands acting sustainable in the means of business policies?
Another fact which drew our attention was, that ISPO Munich was of course already dealing with the issue of sustainability in many ways. There was a huge area at the fairground which was preserved for two organizations which are working for ISPO to deal with the issue of sustainable production. “Greenroomvoice” is a organization which developed methods of the established textile industry and brings them into the production world of young fashion brands in the urban sports field. Greenroomvoice works on a certificate for sustainable production. “Brands For Good” is – as far we could figure it out working as a consulting company for young brands who want to act sustainable. They care for a effective network and supply them with recent information flow for their work. We talked to Anna Rodewald of Greenroomvoice, who told us that ISPO Munich deals with this issue since 2008. Anna has worked for years in the textile industry and is now working as a independent cunsulter. She organized some of the interesting discussion rounds that were happening at the inspire platform of ISPO.
Also it was quite interesting to see, that a lot of brands – especially skateboard and snowboard producers – acted very responsible in choosing natural production material, reusing old material for give aways, finding new ways of production. One brand from portugal for example accuraged his customers to do it themselves by handing them raw modules of the end product and telling them how to put the parts together. Also we met Max Henninger from “Skate Aid” an organization which builds skateramps for NGO’s allover the world, so kids who normally could never afford it can skate also (www.skate-aid.org).

And so on and so on….

We could have spent hours there but we had to find material for our work. And at the end we could have taken tons of trash wood boards with us. I think we will have no problem at all to find enough material for our Nomadic Sculpture…hehe.

Well here we store some wooden piles from a deconstructed roof which we took from a construction site. Of course we asked politely and the workers helped us with a crane. In return we gave them a box of good bavarian beer.

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