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26. February 2014

Diving into the scenes

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 A short update by Susanne (Amsterdam WTD-team)

Before you start something, it’s always a good idea to be well prepared, right? That’s why we decided that the What’s the Deal project needs an International research on the concept of sustainability and the urban arts. As a way for us to pinpoint important developments and opportunities for the project, but also to inspire, and show you more about our scenes and cities! (more about that soon)

The first part of our WTD project is all about delving deeper into all the scenes and checking up on how things stand in the field of sustainability. In our research we are working with the six key-concepts of playfulness, authenticity, continuity, responsibility, tackling problems and belonging / identity. Together, these concepts are the framework for further identifying the role of the individual artists and looking into the development of the art scenes as a whole.

As we speak, our researchers – a group of scientists, curators, trend watchers and artists – are mapping the specific local scenes in each of the four cities. In Amsterdam we focus on people working in the field of design, and we want to take the idea of design in the broadest possible sense. We are checking out graphic designers, fashion designers and industrial designers, but we are also talking to architects and artists working on more conceptual art. In short: every artist working with the idea of sustainability: either in a conceptual or really practical sense.
Munich is working with the skateboarding scenes and urban wasteland, Ljubljana is researching the biking culture, dig culture and anti consumerism way of life, and Schmiede is checking out the digital communities and looking at (local) spatial terms based on interest.

Korinna, Amal, Marcus and Tilen (the research-team) are spotting key players and new talent, talking to the artists involved as well as looking for bigger trends. They also want to take stock of the existing structures and figure out what the needs of the artists are, so we can create activities that make their creativity more visible and enable them to work on themes as sustainability and social design in their own way.

So, if any of you want to add something to our research, bomb us with new ideas, suggest cool artists or simply leave some tips & tricks… you still have some time! Drop a line in the comments and we will contact you!


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