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20. January 2014

WTD Mission Statement

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We are meant to be young and ride full throttle. Skateboards are cool, snowboards, backflips, home-made bikes, games, social networking. Casual clothes are flowing in the wind and open view to young muscular bodies, photos are taken, films are shot and edited professionally in the home office. The lighting is right, the hair a bit messy, everything is a little crooked and off, but that´s just the style. It´s perfect just like this. Everything is extreme but at the same time slides precisely into the mainstream. And tomorrow? What do you mean „tomorrow“?

Styles and the definition of „cool“ can change in the blink of an eye. Relicts of authenticity pop up eclectically and repeat so rapidly that no one has the chance to notice that they have been here before. Young urban cultures form the thoroughly sharpened cutting edge of pop culture.
All of this while everything around them is moving very, very fast – like the money on the markets that emerge en passant to then expand like a wildfire and attract vast Venture Capital.
But a lot of questions remain unanswered: Where are the sources of this authenticity which is being traded on a large scale? Do the springs hold enough of it or are they drying out already? Does the concept of the added value, the sustainability of such a dynamic development impose itself on us? Is this maybe where the authenticity may lie buried?
Are there people who ponder societal, material and economic added value and effectivity while performing their jumps in the snow, on the streets, on bikes and on skateboards? If so, where are they? How do they see the world, the media, art and public spaces? How do they experience the present-time? Are they making art? Or making policies? Or both, when they step into, ride through, jump over and paint on the public space? Or are they just making trouble? And what if they are making money with it?
For a few generations now, we as a people have begun to buy into our lifestyle and our identity even before we are born. Now is the time to ask: „What´s the deal?“.


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