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2. September 2013

Welcome to the WTD! Blog

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…is a multi-disciplinary project that wants to artistically explore sustainability in connection with young urban cultures such as mural art, design, urban sports (skateboarding, biking) and digital media. Between 2013 and 2015 five partners from four European countries (Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia) will collaborate across borders and organize a series of activities in all partner sites involving international artists: from theme-related mapping of the respective scenes via art intervention workshops to creative art work and installations (like bike art created entirely from sustainable materials or a skateable sculpture in an abandoned city area) – made visible in public events. The project aims to bring the idea of sustainable lifestyle to the young urban scenes in European cities. It wants to inspire them to create new perspectives and link them together transnationally, thus strengthening the multiculturally permeated urban scenes.


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